Jeene ki Raah: What we learned from PM Narendra Modi through Instagram

DailyTripJan 24, 2019 | 15:20

Jeene ki Raah: What we learned from PM Narendra Modi through Instagram

As India’s ‘beti’ shoulders the responsibility of ushering the country into greener pastures, India’s beta, PM Narendra Modi, is doing his job.

He is unfazed, for he knows good work will speak for itself. Lessons are available in every nook and corner of this vast nation, and they are waiting to be learned. And he has a message, especially for the Insta-savvy, thumb-activists on the Internet.


In a recent five-part interview with the Humans Of Bombay, a social media group, PM Modi spoke of lessons he’s picked up from his childhood that have actually come in handy when he was bestowed with the Prime Minister-ship. Although only three of the total five parts have been released so far, the lessons are worthy of being chronicled, written on stone, repeated as often as possible.

Here’s what we learned about Modiji from Instagram:

1.). That healing touch!

Even as the BJP President, Amit Shah, headed to the All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS) — built by Jawaharlal Nehru, was it? — for treatment of swine flu, one should never lose faith in the ‘traditional forms of curing and healing’ only Indian mothers of the land are capable of administering.

(Just don’t let them touch the shrine at Sabarimala).

(Source: Instagram screenshot)

2.). Vote for ‘LOTA’

Who says you need an iron to dress sharply? Just an iron will is enough.

“I had a great need to look sharp & groomed. So even though we couldn’t afford an iron, I would heat coal, use an old ‘lota’, wrap a cloth around it & press my clothes — the effect was the same, then why complain?” says Mr Prime Minister in the interview.


After all, India stands for the spirit of ‘making do with,’ and that’s how we choose our leaders, too.

3.). A chai stall = a mini-nation

As a kid, Modiji would help out his father in his tea stall, before he headed to school in the morning. What could have turned in a mundane chore was actually a treasure trove of knowledge, for that tea stall is where he met people and began understanding their angst.

(Source: Instagram screenshot)

“What I really looked forward to was meeting people from all over India. I would serve them tea & listen to their stories,” he said.

Did you even know that people from all over the country went to that one tea stall for tea? No, and that revelation is just fascinating!

4.). It's all about leaving your family

Buddha did it, and so did our Prime Minister. And history has taught us that you can find yourself only after you’ve lost yourself.

“I surrendered myself to God and left for the Himalayas at the age of 17. I bid goodbye to my parents,” added Modiji in the interview. But he didn’t leave without blessings, “My mother gave me a sweet dish before I left and put a tilak on my forehead to bless my journey.”


(Source: Instagram screenshot)

5.). ‘Alone time’ is the key to success

There comes a time in every one of our lives, when we feel trapped in the hustle and bustle of city life. And that feeling of being trapped is cyclical. How do you deal with it?

By taking a cue from Modiji’s yearly ritual,

“Not many people know this, but I would go away for the 5 days of Diwali. Somewhere in a jungle – a place with only clean water and no people.”

Reflect, rejuvenate and return to your old life with a newfound rigour.

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