Don't Rave, Just Rant! Why this Greater Noida 'rave party' is an interesting statistical study

Because nothing was found apart from excessive numbers, including that of the police.

 |  2-minute read |   08-05-2019
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Men = 161

Women = 31

Hookahs = 31

Beer bottles = 112

Wine bottles = 30

Admission charge = Rs 10,000

Police personnel = 50-60

That the police personnel have painstakingly kept a count of all these things is something we were not prepared for.

At any given day and time, would you believe that 50 to 60 police constables can come to your rescue at 1 AM, answering your random phone call? Even we can’t believe that so many police personnel can be present at the police station at that hour.

We so wish that it could be just a question of perception.

But no, the crime rates of Greater Noida, unfortunately, will testify to this.

hookah-inside_050719050551.jpgNext time, perhaps, Netflix and chill? (Photo: India Today)

But probably in an attempt to change this image, a senior superintendent of Police — after he got a tip-off — carried out a surprise raid on a Greater Noida farmhouse last weekend with a team of 50-60 police officers, belonging to different police stations.

And this was the beginning of the end for many things. We will address them one by one.

A 'rave' is an all-night electronic music dance party. The word is actually a Jamaican word for party. But over time, it became synonymous with drugs.

And the NCR (National Capital Region) being the NCR (distance from udta Punjab is only 445 km) is surprised that no drugs have been found in this massive ‘rave raid’ in which all those 192 people have been arrested. Reports suggest some suspicious powder is being probed. But as of now, this appears to have been a rave without any raving, going by the textbook definition.

The charges against the party-goers here are many — absence of permission, no license to serve liquor (procured from Delhi) to so many people, smoking, etc. We are not going into the legal nitty-gritty. But according to reports, this is not the first time that such a party has been held in the same farm by the same organisers. Reportedly, an SHO had apparently been in collusion with organisers so far. There will be a probe against him also, the SSP is reported to have said. So, an ooops! moment for the police as well!

The arrested reportedly include college students from Delhi and Haryana.

We won’t blame them if after spending two days in jail, they choose Netflix and chill for the rest of their lives.

The constables who head-counted all the bottles and all the arrested men, women and hookahs, however, take the cake.

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