Corporate Flirting can get you ahead at work, as per viral video by McKinsey analyst Srinidhi Rajesh

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaNov 17, 2023 | 12:11

Corporate Flirting can get you ahead at work, as per viral video by McKinsey analyst Srinidhi Rajesh

Corporate flirting is also known as bizzrizz. Photo: scoop.upworthy

Flirting at work might sound like an HR violation, but it might be the best way to network your way up the corporate ladder according to Srinidhi Rajesh, who works at McKinsey. 


Corporate trends come and go, and it has become all the new rage because of its relatability, may it be lazy girl jobs or just quiet quitting, but have you ever heard of corporate flirting?

  • Well, it's not as bad as it sounds, according to Srindhi Rajesh, a TikToker and a business analyst at McKinsey & Company in New York. 

But, what is corporate flirting?

Corporate flirting, or “bizzrizz,” as everyone (of course GenZ) is calling it, is an approach to get to know people in your work world. Think of it as making friends at work but with style – it's about genuinely connecting and leaving the other person with good vibes. 

Here's an example 

Srindhi Rajesh explains, "A few years back, my buddy and I cracked the code for coming off as charming and charismatic in pretty much any situation, especially in the corporate world."

Rajesh said that the key to getting through to the "inner circles" or just making new pals is to introduce yourself and show genuine interest in others, setting the stage for what she playfully calls 'professional flirting'.

"They might give you a basic response like 'Oh, I went to Northwestern.' At this point, the conversation is a bit dull. Nothing noteworthy has happened, but here's where you kick in with corporate flirting."
- Srindhi Rajesh

She emphasised that this is the moment when the other person loosens up, and it's also the perfect time for you to respond, demonstrating that you were attentive and laying the groundwork for a solid connection.

An example response she provided is, "'Oh, so you're the brainiac who enjoys freezing half the year?'”


Rajesh pointed out that this gives the other person a chance to banter back and add depth to the conversation. 

Photo: Snap from viral video/scoop.upworthy

Rajesh explains her professional flirt in her video which she uploads on TikTok. The video soon went viral on Tiktok, and has more than 2.1 million views and 2,60,000 likes, according to Business Insider

So, in simple terms, getting to know your work friends in a fun way, and knowing about them, to engage in conversation with them is corporate flirting. 

A deeper look

  • Srindhi provides tips drawn from dating scenarios (which are retable and easily understandable), which deliver strategies that are relatable and attainable for young GenZers navigating uncharted waters like the corporate world. 
  • She also says that this technique can be used on your senior bosses, which can help you in the professional world to connect better. 
  • However, she also advises her viewers to not cross a line, and not be obnoxious! 

Will you use this technique in your next meeting?

Last updated: November 17, 2023 | 12:11
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