From AP Dhillon's With You to Lappu Sa Sachin, the Instagram Reels trends of August 2023

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaAug 29, 2023 | 08:00

From AP Dhillon's With You to Lappu Sa Sachin, the Instagram Reels trends of August 2023

Here are the top five picks of the month. dailyO

As August draws to a close, it's time to recap the hottest Instagram Reel trends that surely graced your feed this month. If you thought last month was wild, August took things up a notch. Here are some of the reel trends that undoubtedly caught your attention this month.


"With You" by AP Dhillon

Kicking off with a trend that not only dominated the realm of reel trends but also snagged numerous headlines. AP Dhillon's music video for "With You" left everyone curious about his relationship status. While rumors swirled about him dating actor Banita Sandhu, the video's popularity skyrocketed on Instagram. Regardless of his vague hints and Banita's denial, people jumped on the trend, creating reels featuring the song.

"Passenger Princess" vibes

For those who despise driving, have no sense of direction, and crave control over the car's playlist, the "Passenger Princess" trend has got you covered. This attitude has found its way onto Instagram, becoming a reel trend. People are crafting reels depicting their partners (often girlfriends) or friends embracing the Passenger Princess persona.

"Girl Math" and "Girl Dinner" Logic

Let's delve into "Girl Math": August introduced a reel trend tackling the quandary of splurging on luxury items. Enter the art of "Girl Math." In simple terms, it's a calculation where the total cost of an expensive item is divided by the anticipated number of times it will be worn.

There are a few more deets and factors that can be considered under girl math, read more here.


As for "Girl Dinner," it humorously portrays the all-too-familiar scenario of consuming a meager meal that many of us girls are guilty of.

How did these trends emerge? People started sharing their experiences of 'girl dinner' or explaining the intricacies of 'girl math' on Instagram.

"I'm Immature" Fun

This trend provides a comical take on the expectations that adults place on us. Instead of conforming, these reels humorously reveal the reality of opting out.Just see it for yourself:

"Lappu Sa Sachin" Saga

Forget AP Dhillon and Banita; this time it's Tara Singh and Sakeena from Gadar 2? Nope. Enter Seema and Sachin from Greater Noida. By now, you might be familiar with their unconventional love story. Seema met Sachin in 2019 through PubG, leading her to fly to Pakistan illegally to be with him. Plot twist: Seema has been married twice and has 4 kids.

Their unique love story ignited a flurry of emotions. Particularly memorable was the interview with Seema's neighbor, who openly mocked Sachin, leading to its virality on Instagram reels.

Last updated: August 29, 2023 | 08:00
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