London Metro gets a viral Maybelline eyelift, and 5 crazy offline marketing stunts

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaJul 10, 2023 | 14:20

London Metro gets a viral Maybelline eyelift, and 5 crazy offline marketing stunts

These days, brands are taking marketing and brand promotion to extreme levels, pushing boundaries like never before and sometimes it actually works. In a recent one, Maybelline, the makeup product and cosmetics brand, levelled up its marketing game by taking it to new heights. 

What was the campaign?

We're talking about Maybelline's latest promotional campaign for its popular product, Lash Sensational Sky High Waterproof Mascara.

  • Maybelline adorned the front-end of select Metro trains and buses with giant eyelashes, giving them a playful appearance.
  • Additionally, various bus and metro stations have installed oversized mascara tube stands, adding to the overall eye-catching effect.
  • As a result, whenever these vehicles pass through the mascara tube stands, it creates the illusion of them curling their "eyelashes".

This unique marketing approach has garnered attention and excitement online for the product, which was by the way, already a go-to for influencers. 

See it for yourself: 

Now, if you think that's crazy and somewhat a genius marketing move, read further to see even more extreme levels of craziness that brands have engaged in to promote their products.

1. 'Rocket Man' jet pack delivers pizza to Glastonbury

What would you do if the pizza you ordered is actually delivered by a man who is flying in a jet pack flying suit, just like Iron Man? Sounds pretty crazy for a delivery, right?

But Dominos, the famous pizza brand, always likes to take things to another level, from getting robots to 'driverless cars' to deliver pizza.

In the most recent example, Domino's UK sent a man equipped with a jet pack suit to deliver pizza during the Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK on July 1, 2023.

The stunt received a lot of attention, with people getting amazed and shocked by this, and asking if it was FR. 

2. Drone delivery for toothbrush?

Using drones for delivering food items and other goods has become an increasingly popular marketing move in recent times. This trend gained significant attention during the pandemic, when people-to-people contact was limited.


From Swiggy to Zomato, everyone used it, but you won't believe who started the trend. 

Photo: Oral-B campaign/Oral B

It was actually Oral-B, who started delivering their Oral-B iO toothbrushes to the press and influencers. This innovative initiative spanned four days in August 2020, during which multiple deliveries were made across the UK, ensuring a contactless experience for the recipients. 

3. The Face from Space

Apart from its chicken, KFC is also known for its over-the-top marketing campaigns. This particular one, however, was a little too over the top, given that it was done in 2006. 

  • While Google Earth promotions have become commonplace nowadays, it was pretty cool in 2006, when KFC decided to promote their new logo by imprinting it right in the middle of the Nevada desert.
  • This larger-than-life logo was crafted using tens of thousands of colourful tiles and spanned an impressive area of 87,500 square feet!
Photo: 'Face from Space'/KFC

The sheer magnitude of this promotional masterpiece earned it the nickname "Face from Space" since it was visible from space and could be spotted on Google Earth. 

4. Alien Invasion? No, it's Red Bull

It's a bird? It's a plane? It's a ... Red Bull advertisement. 

Photo: Red Bull Supermoon's party/ Red Bull

Renowned for its eccentric and attention-grabbing endeavours, Red Bull is no stranger to generating publicity through daring events. A notable one was on March 20, 2018, when they organised a New Moon Party in Los Angeles, US.

During this event, three men in wingsuits jumped from helicopters above InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown Hotel, the tallest building west of Chicago. 

Photo: Red Bull Event/ Red Bull

The jumpers were equipped with sparkler mechanisms, causing onlookers to mistake them for comets or UFOs. This unexpected twist added an extra element of intrigue to the event and intensified the buzz around it.

5. The dead T-Rex?

What will you do if you see a dead dinosaur on the road? Run, right? But on the streets of London in 2019, National Geographic carried a 30-foot-long creature which looked like a T-Rex. It was towed around London to promote National Geographic’s new programme, T. rex Autopsy

Photo: T Rex Campaign/ NG
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