On Guinness World Records Day, take a look at 7 weirdest records made in 2023

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaNov 16, 2023 | 16:35

On Guinness World Records Day, take a look at 7 weirdest  records made in 2023

Take a look at some crazy records of this year. Photo: DailyO

We have entered the penultimate month of the year, and November 16 is Guinness World Records Day. So, let's take a look back at some of the weirdest records that people have broken or made this year. 

Before we get to that, here's why Guinness World Record Day is celebrated: First held in 2004 to mark Guinness World Records becoming the best-selling copyright book of all time, Guinness World Records Day is now celebrated every year. 


Now, here are the weirdest records made this year. 

1. Most chin-ups with a helicopter

Let us start with a little less crazy. Doing chin-ups in itself is not easy, but have you ever thought of doing a chin-up with a helicopter (why would you, in the first place)? Sounds crazy, right? But Armenia's Hamazasp Hloyan soared to new heights (quite literally) by shattering the world record for the "most pull-ups from a helicopter in a minute."

With gravity-defying finesse, he did an impressive 32 pull-ups. 

2. Longest underwater kiss

As if on land wasn't enough, this couple crazily celebrated their Valentine's Day by establishing a record for the longest underwater kiss.

Submerged in an infinity pool, Beth Neale from South Africa and Miles Cloutier from Canada, both avid divers residing in South Africa with their daughter, shared a remarkable underwater kiss that went on for 4 minutes and 6 seconds. 

3.  Akshay Kumar makes a record with the most selfies in 3 minutes 

Did you know that actor Akshay Kumar has a Guinness World Record? Now, it is not for some crazy stunt that he pulled off, but rather, it is for clicking 184 selfies in 3 minutes. Akshay Kumar broke USA-based James Smith's record of 168 selfies in 3 minutes.


The selfie stunt was a promotional gig for Akshay Kumar's movie Selfiee (which was released earlier this year).

See the video here:

4. Chug Chug Chug, not beer but tomato sauce

If you don't like tomato ketchup, this record will make you wanna puke. On August 13, 2023, Andre Ortolf from Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany made a record: the fastest to drink one litre of tomato sauce... in just 55.21 seconds. 

5. Fastest time to remove Jenga using tongue 

Have you ever played Jenga? Now, take it to a new level of crazy and think Guinness-level book record style. Yes, play it with your tongue, not hands. If you think that's crazy, let us tell you... 

  • Nick Stoeberl, the man with the world's longest tongue, has set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to remove five Jenga blocks with the tongue.
  • Nick removed five Jenga blocks from a stack in 55.526 seconds.

He previously earned the first Guinness World Record when his tongue was measured at 3.97 inches.

6. Longest eyelash on the dog

Who says human can have all the built records? Now this new record which is set by a dog named CoCoCoco the newfypoo has broken a long-standing record with her luscious lashes.

The six-year-old Newfoundland and poodle cross - also known as a newfiedoodle - has the longest eyelash on a dog at 17.8 cm! 


7. 3,388 lip balms 

If you're into collecting makeup you might have 5-6 or hell 10 lip balms for your chapped lips, but Scarlett Cheng who is just 7 years old, has a crazy collection of lip balms. She has a total number of 3,388 lip balms. Btw, she started collecting it when she was just 3 years old! 

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