Pritam is in EVERYONE's Spotify Wrapped this year. Taylor who?

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulNov 30, 2023 | 12:31

Pritam is in EVERYONE's Spotify Wrapped this year. Taylor who?

One dreaded name has infiltrated everyone's Spotify Wrapped. Move aside, Arijit Singh; Pritam is the musical sensation that we all knew we needed but never really asked for and the internet can't stop meme-ing about it.

What the

As the moment Spotify users have been waiting for all month dropped overnight, many took to social media for their momentary shots of dopamine and shared their Wrapped. However, it wasn't a virtual high-five from Taylor that greeted them.


Instead, a familiar bearded face apparently decided to camp out in everyone's auditory space like a pop-up ad you can't close. Forget personalization; it seems like Pritam's music is now as ubiquitous as the Era’s Tour itself.

As Spotify users eagerly shared their Wrapped playlists, it became apparent that Pritam had pulled off the ultimate heist, infiltrating playlists left, right, and center. 

The alleged ‘song chor’ seems to have sent a couple thousand melodic trojan horses, sneaking their way into our collective consciousness and setting up shop in the sacred realm of our favorite tunes.

Memes flooded the digital landscape, portraying Pritam as the unexpected anti-hero in the Spotify saga and capturing the sentiment of an entire perplexed nation that didn't know they were auditioning for Pritam's next sensation.

Trolls started popping up faster than you can say "copyright infringement.". The unexpected gate-crasher, found his face plastered over every album cover, as if he photobombed the entire music industry with a sly grin and a catchy beat.


Known for his overproduced, dance-worthy tunes, Pritam has become the unofficial DJ of 2023 - the algorithm we never knew we needed, curating a musical journey through the depths of his own discography.

However, every hero has their flaws, and Pritam's Achilles' heel seems to be an alleged penchant for musical copy-pasting. With more than 51 songs under the plagiarism radar, Pritam unintentionally became the Robin Hood of tunes, liberating tunes from the clutches of originality and redistributing them to the masses.

For the third consecutive year, Arijit Singh retained his title as the most-played artist, with Pritam nipping at his heels. Pritam's 35.7 million monthly listeners and 678K Instagram followers prove that he's not just a composer; he's an influencer who didn't need your support; he just showed up in your playlist uninvited.

So, as you scroll through your Spotify Wrapped, scratching your head at the sudden Pritam invasion, just remember, resistance is futile. Pritam is the puppet master, and your playlist is his stage. 


Welcome to the Pritamverse, where the beats are catchy, the memes are nuanced, and your musical choices are merely suggestions in the grand symphony of Pritam's takeover.

Last updated: November 30, 2023 | 13:06
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