Ten things MCPs think when women drink

Creeps will be creeps.

 |  1-minute read |   16-06-2015
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1. Oh no, I’ll have to take her home.

2. Oh yay, I’ll get to take her home.

3. How do I get her to pay for her share of the bill before she’s too wasted to cough up?

4. Drunk face is not pretty face, but she doesn’t know that.

5. She’s not going to puke, is she? I’m wearing new shoes.

6. What a girlie drink. It’s pink!

 7. That’s it? Two beers and she’s high? Here, have more. Just one more. (Orders five more.)

8. Wait, who’s going to heat up dinner when we get home if she’s this high now?

9. How many did I tell her I would allow?

10. Women who drink whom I’m not in a relationship with are so hot dude.

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