Gayatri Jayaraman

Gayatri Jayaraman

Mumbai-based writer, reporter, editor. Currently writing two books.

By Gayatri Jayaraman

Urban poor: Why middle class man with 'stable' job is the modern-day loser

An excerpt from Gayatri Jayaraman's book, Who Me, Poor?

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#TheDailyToast: 2016 was year of changing directions

Whose womb is it anyway: Everyone but the mother's in India

The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 is a lost opportunity and an exercise in moral crusading.

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A tribute to India's 'greatest scholar artist' KG Subramanyan

Manida was never an artist past his prime, he was always an artist in the moment, in the day, in the age, till the day he died.

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Now let's explain intellectual poverty

A man with the purchasing power and no questions will never reach his optimal per capita consumption of thought.

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Why caste will never be annihilated in India

To do so is to dismantle a social structure of support for systems of learning.

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Hinduism is dead. Shut the temples down

The Supreme Court has reduced the polymorphic religion to a bunch of meaningless myths.

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Miracles of Maharashtra's Sai Baba

Come drought or flood, the blessings of Shirdi far outweigh the impact of climate change.

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How the Indian liberal is killing Hinduism

Is the entire definition of liberalism to rest only on the majority faith?

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Dream big. Get white, girl

I have been handed a never-before opportunity to lighten my darkened skin and I will be jumping at it. Join me in this exciting journey to change my life.

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Who is a refugee?

Ai Weiwei answers the question after we meet three Pakistanis in Greece.

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Story behind Ai Weiwei's Aylan Kurdi image and interview

Much of the outrage at AWW’s pose comes from believing that that one image is all he has to offer.

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#TheDailyToast: The #NikkiHaleyCut

#TheDailyToast: Modern love story

To cookies that just won’t crumble

To women who just don’t give a damn.

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#TheDailyToast: No Globe Golden enough

#TheDailyToast: The emotional politician

#TheDailyToast: Win diesel

#TheDailyToast: Be calm and do yoga when terror strikes

#TheDailyToast: Let them eat flowers, a state of the nation 2016

#TheDailyToast: In the name of tolerance and the secular priest

#TheDailyToast: Star wars of Bollywood

#TheDailyToast: The yoga of statesmanship

#TheDailyToast: Shakur Basti demolition, the homeless manifesto

#TheDailyToast: Dilliwala climate change

Remembering Hema Upadhyay: A fine artist and wonderful person

Her pain was open. The property dispute, messy accusations, dissolution of any passionate relationship was not easy.

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#TheDailyToast: The Constitution on an elephant

#TheDailyToast: Stand for anything, sit for nothing

#TheDailyToast: Whose bed is it anyway?

#TheDailyToast: Bollywood's political map

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