5 ways you can lose fat and be healthy

Eat everything in moderation and you'll get the drift.

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Rather than making resolutions, if we focus on realisations instead, we can be far healthier, and thinner too.

I have already explained why I think resolutions don't work. So this year listen to me, get off the high "resolutions" horse and make these simple "totally doable" changes (not resolutions) instead. And do it before this important "must-change-my-life" month wraps up… life takes over, optimism fizzles out and realism takes over (who has the time to make soup every day!), and you get busy with the tough task of going through the rest of the year, with barely a thought about the state of your health… all set to become a "January cliche" yet again, next year round.

So listen up…

1. Don't follow fads: Fad diets come and go, and are mostly proven to be unhealthy once the hype is over and done with, the celebrity endorsing it has moved on to the next exciting "thing" and the expert propagating it has made enough dough to retire comfortably. Why should you become a scapegoat for these marketing gimmicks? Yes, they are nothing more than that. Instead, make a list of the time proven right eating rules (there's plenty of them by the way!).


Instead do a habits audit and see which ones you are already following, and which ones you aren't, and simply go about incorporating them. I am talking about basics like eating good fats (ghee anyone?), harnessing the pluses of pulses and protein (simple dal chawal), eating everything in moderation… and more such!

2. Don't make drastic changes: For that's a sure-fire way to kill good ideas too. So deciding to weed off junk from your diet is a brilliant plan, but wanting to do it overnight is an equally bad one. Similarly beginning to train for a marathon from day one, when you last exercised probably a decade back, will only land you (and your muscles) in trouble… No net gain there.


Instead make small changes in your diet and lifestyle, and let them set, before building up on them. How about a decision to go for 30 minutes of walk during lunch hour on all weekdays instead?

3. Don't give up anything: No not even gajar ka halwa. Really, why reach a point where you have to stop eating anything. Begin moderating way before that. Asking someone "not to eat" something is akin to ensuring that he will crave uncontrollably for it. I learnt it the hard way in my practice.


Instead learn to balance and follow a simple rule: smaller portions of wrong food, and bigger portions of right foods. By the way there is no wrong or right food, it is only the portion which is wrong. So go have a small burger, not the jumbo one. And a small katori of kheer once in a while will give you loads of calcium and protein (ok some sugar too), but a big one every day is a sure recipe for disaster. Get the drift!

4. Stop counting calories: You are not a calculator. And calorie counting hasn't made any one thinner in all these decades (we are progressively only getting fatter and fatter).


Instead focus on increasing nutrition in your diet. Pick foods high in nutrition instead of foods low in calories. Make this a habit, the calories will take care of themselves. For example if the choice is between gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa, it's a no brainer that the halwa will give you fibre and nutrients via its ingredients (carrot's, nuts) too along with the calories and sugar, whereas gulab jamun is sheer sugary pleasure. So chose right, and you'll be fine. This way you'll live a less stressful, more healthy life too. Trust me on this.

5. Don't join expensive gyms: And please don't sign up for extreme exercise classes, or pay through your nose for exorbitant exercise and training gear and quit downloading every new exercise app too.


Instead follow a more practical approach. Agreed becoming a "fit-ster" is a thing now, but for that all you need to do first is increase your activity (yes, the stairs instead of the lift, walking to buy eggs from the neighbourhood market instead of taking the car for a five-minute run; a dancing date with your beau qualifies too). Get moving more first… and rest all can come later, if need be.


Kavita Devgan Kavita Devgan @kavitadevgan

The writer is a nutritionist, weight management consultant and health writer based in Delhi. She is the author of Don't Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People (Jaico).

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