What on earth is Bryan Johnson, the billionaire who wants to live forever, up to with his 'bloody' age tricks?

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaNov 15, 2023 | 17:51

What on earth is Bryan Johnson, the billionaire who wants to live forever, up to with his 'bloody' age tricks?

Bryan Johnson, 45, became a millionaire when he sold his company, for $800m. Photo: dailyO

Bryan Johnson is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and a billionaire. But recently, he is the news not for his money, but his wish to live forever.

Now, if you have not heard about him previously, you must be thinking who doesn't want to live forever, right? But Bryan not only just wishes to live forever, but will do everything in his power to stay young forever, from taking 100+ pills in a day, eating all meals by 11 am, and spending 2 million dollars. 


Bryan's 'super blood has made his father younger by 25 years' 

Before getting into his diet and his lifestyle here's a look at what Bryan claims is happening because of his (well) diet and lifestyle. 

In the latest one, he revealed in a social media post that his ''super blood'' reduced his father's age by 25 years. Yes, you heard it right. 

He posted, "My father's (70 yo) speed of aging slowed by the equivalent of 25 years after receiving 1 litre of my plasma, and has remained at that level even six months after the therapy."

"The older we get, the faster we age. After receiving 1 L of my plasma, my father is now aging at the rate of a 46-year-old. Previously, he was aging at the rate of a 71-year-old. I am my dad’s blood boy."
- Bryan Johnson

However, he also says that he is not sure what actually caused 'the slowing down of the age', as his father's ageing rate reduction might have been from him having removed 600 millilitres of his own plasma rather than the litre he received from his son.

Check out his tweet here: 

Now, let's talk about Bryan and all of his techniques to live forever, and to age like a 18-year-old

  • First, who is he? Bryan Johnson, 45, a software developer, became a millionaire when he sold his company, Braintree Payment Solutions, to Ebay's PayPal in 2013 for $800 million. 
  • He started making headlines in around the month of February when he announced his "Project Blueprint", a protocol-based lifestyle, that wil help you live forever. 
- Bryan's motto

A day in the life of Bryan 

Johnson spilled the beans on his secret to feeling like a supercharged teenager:

  • a strict routine of early bedtime,
  • a quirky diet including dinner at 11 am (yes 11 am, when half of the world still waking up)
  • a sobriety pledge,
  • and a jaw-dropping 111 pills.

He's practically on a supplement spree, with over 111 a day, and his health check routine involves more scans than a spy thriller — thanks to a squad of 30 doctors. And if that's not enough, he's even exchanged blood with his own teenage son (talk about a high-stakes family bonding experience). 

Photo: Bryan(M), his son (L) and his father (R)

But if you think that's insane and too much, wait, here's more: 

The experiment, I mean his lifestyle, also involves sporting a baseball cap that shoots red light at his head, curating his own stool samples, and sleeping with a tiny jet pack attached to monitor nighttime erections.  

If this is inspiring for you in any way and if you want to 'live forever', you can also join his programme, by the way, it's for free! 

Last updated: November 15, 2023 | 17:51
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