5 Delhi Metro fights that took a nasty turn and were caught on video

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaApr 06, 2023 | 15:54

5 Delhi Metro fights that took a nasty turn and were caught on video

These videos went viral all over social media, which users find entertaining. Photo: dailyO

Who doesn't like drama? We Indians are particularly renowned for our love for drama. Whether it's in the form of our Bollywood films, TV soaps or even our cuisine, we tend to prefer things with a bit of spice. Several recent viral videos from the Delhi Metro, of people fighting over anything and everything under the sun, go on to only prove the same.


Remember last year, when every other day people were fighting on flights? Well, it's even worse when individuals are cramped inside a moving metal box and left to compete for a seat. 

Over the past few days, there have been multiple viral videos of people fighting over seats, or couples in the middle of a full-blown slap-match, and so on. You would have seen something or the other if you are from Delhi or Delhi NCR. 

Here are some viral videos that Delhiites call a 'regular day on the Delhi Metro' (btw, please use headphones while watching the videos, and use discretion): 

1. Over a seat

To keep things light, let's start with the latest and a little less intense one. A recent video that has been making the rounds on social media shows a heated argument between two middle-aged men, over a seat on the Delhi Metro. The 27-second clip features two men constantly fighting, cussing and threatening each other, while other passengers on the Metro try to intervene and calm them down.

But the two men were not willing to listen to anyone. 

Here's the video: 

2. Enter pepper spray

On April 2, Delhi BJP MP Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga shared a video on Twitter, where two women are seen fighting on the Delhi Metro over a seat, and very quickly, things get pretty intense. One of the women went ahead and used a pepper spray on the other; an elderly lady. Bagga captioned the video, "one more scene in the Delhi Metro."


See the video for yourself: 

3. 'Ghar ke Kalesh'

Fighting on the Delhi Metro took a pretty dark turn when two women took off their sandals and bottles. The viral video shows a woman holding her footwear in her hand and seemingly threatening to hit another woman on board. However, the other woman wasn't intimidated as such and picked up a water bottle to retaliate. People are calling it 'Ghar ke Kalesh', and claiming it to be the ultimate way we Desis handle fights.

4. 'Let me eat my burger in peace'

Okay, this video is pretty much munch-your-snacks-and-watch-the-fight type.

In this video that was shared in August 2022, a woman politely asked another passenger to move her bag from the seat so that she could sit down. However, the other passenger refused, stating that the seat was reserved (for her big bag), and suggested that the woman find another seat. The situation escalated quickly, and the woman ended up forcing herself on to the seat.

Just see the video for yourself (and find the woman sitting next to this pair and enjoying her burger):

5. 'Rs 1,000 T-shirt from Zara'

In July 2022, a video was widely shared on social media. A young boy and a girl, who could have been siblings or a couple (we dk), were caught on camera fighting over a Zara top that was apparently worth Rs 1,000.


The boy disagreed and said that it couldn't be worth more than Rs 150. This angered the girl and she started hitting him continuously. At one point, the boy hit back.   

Have you seen (or been in) any such fights on the Delhi Metro? Let us know in the comments. 

Last updated: April 06, 2023 | 15:54
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