Amazon Prime is the last one standing after Netflix and Disney+ stop password sharing

Debodinna Chakraborty
Debodinna ChakrabortySep 29, 2023 | 18:29

Amazon Prime is the last one standing after Netflix and Disney+ stop password sharing

After Netflix, Disney+ will now prevent you from sharing your password.

Disney+ is all set to following Netflix's footsteps and crack the whip on password-sharing, starting with Canada from this November. That leaves only only Amazon Prime as the viable go-to platform for multiple account sharing.


During an earnings meeting last month, Disney CEO Bob Iger made an announcement that after Netflix, Disney will look into measures to prevent password-sharing of your Disney+ accounts. 

Now, it looks like Disney has already chalked out an implementable plan to put this new restriction into effect.

  • From November 1, Disney+ will implement tighter password sharing restrictions, starting with Canada.
  • This update was communicated to Disney+ subscribers in Canada via email.
."..we’re implementing restrictions on your ability to share your account or login credentials outside of your household..."
- Email by Disney to its Canada subscribers.


Back in July this year, Disney+ rival and streaming giant Netflix stopped their account holders from sharing their passwords beyond the permitted user limit.

Now that Disney+ has followed the same route, the only option left is Amazon Prime Video. 

What Disney is saying

The email sent by Disney to its Canada subscribers hardly gives any detail on how this change will affect the them.

  • In the updated Canadian subscriber agreement, a new section on "account sharing" is introduced.
  • This section mentions that the company reserves the right to examine the usage of your account and non-compliance with this agreement may result in account restrictions or termination.
Bob Iger previously said that their stricter password rules have attracted subscribers. (Photo: Getty)
"We already have the technical capability to monitor much of this... I’m not going to give a specific number [of users who share passwords], except to say that it is significant.” 
- Disney CEO Bob Iger


The deal at Netflix

  • If we look into Netflix, the platform limits account access based on the user's IP address.
  • Subscribers can choose to add extra members to their accounts for an added cost, depending on their selected plan.
  • It is assumed that Disney+ will also use a similar process to monitor your account usage.

Iger, during Disney’s Q2 earnings meetings last month, mentioned that this stricter password-sharing policy has, contrary to what people claim, has attracted more subscribers to their platform 

Amazon Prime is our last hope

After both Netflix and Disney+ taking the stricter password route, the only big-scale option left for multiple-screen users is Amazon Prime. 

  • If Disney+ and Netflix’s subscription prices and screen-allowance is compared with that of Amazon Prime’s, the last one stands as an economically better choice.
Netflix Basic Plan (monthly, yearly, number of screens)Rs 149Rs 1788

1 device (only mobile) 

Disney+ Premium (monthly, yearly, number of screens)Rs 299Rs 1499

4 device 

(2 at a time)

Amazon Prime Video (monthly, yearly, number of screens)Rs 179Rs 1499

4 devices   

(3 at a time) 

Apart from subscription prices and screen permits, Amazon even provides multiple add-ons like Amazon Music, free and early parcel delivery on Amazon products etc.

Last updated: September 29, 2023 | 18:29
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