Mia Khalifa fired from job over 'horrendous' Israel-Palestine tweet

Debodinna Chakraborty
Debodinna ChakrabortyOct 09, 2023 | 14:39

Mia Khalifa fired from job over 'horrendous' Israel-Palestine tweet

Mia Khalifa is currently facing backlash for her Pro-Palestine posts on X. (Photo: Getty. Reuters)

Former adult movie star Mia Khalifa has been making headlines due to her comments on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Her most recent post has led to her dismissal from a business deal.


The entire world has been horrified by the current situation between Israel and Palestine, and social media has become a platform flooded with people expressing their opinions on the matter.


Mia Khalifa, the ex-adult film actress known for her outspokenness, despite often facing online trolling, recently made daring remarks about the Israel-Palestine conflict, stirring controversy among netizens.

Khalifa has shared a series of posts openly showing her support for Palestine in the conflict. She used X to express solidarity with Palestine, using the hashtag 'Free Palestine.'

After a period of silence, Mia Khalifa addressed the issue through a series of posts and comments.

She also shared relevant posts to express her stance. In a Saturday post, she emphasized that not supporting Palestine meant being on the 'wrong' side, stating:

If you can witness the situation in Palestine and not stand with Palestinians, you're aligning with apartheid, and history will reflect this.
- Mia Khalifa on X.

Mia Khalifa gets fired

One of Mia Khalifa's posts on X, made on October 7, 2023, caused a rift in her personal business. The specific post angered her business partner, Todd Shapiro, a Canadian broadcaster and radio host who currently hosts The Todd Shapiro Show. This led to him terminating their business deal.


Mia Khalifa and Shapiro had collaborated on Red Light Holland Corp.

On April 25, 2023, the company announced its partnership with Mia Khalifa, where she was responsible for spearheading the company's corporate social responsibility initiatives, focusing on issues related to social justice, advocacy, and the responsible consumption of magic truffles.

Last updated: October 09, 2023 | 14:39
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