MP's Stoneman: KGF-inspired serial killer, just 19 years old, arrested after 6 murders

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaSep 02, 2022 | 14:31

MP's Stoneman: KGF-inspired serial killer, just 19 years old, arrested after 6 murders

Chaos and panic gripped the district of Sagar in Madhya Pradesh when a killer began clobbering security guards to death. This 'Stoneman' killed 3 security guards in 72 hours, and was just arrested by the Madhya Pradesh Police. The serial killer also killed one other security guard in Bhopal before he was arrested.

The killer was arrested by Madhya Pradesh Police today, after he murdered 3 security guards in 3 days. The fourth kill of the 'Stoneman' was another security guard who worked with a marble stockist in the Lalghati area of Bhopal.  


After he was arrested, he confessed that he has murdered a total of 6 security guards in the last few years.

He was named 'Stoneman' after killing all his victims in an identical pattern; keeping with what serial killers usually do. The heads of his victims were smashed with a hammer, spade, or a stone.

Inspired by 'Rocky Bhai' of KGF 2:

During the initial interrogation, the following things were revealed: 

  • His real name is Shiv Prasad Dhurve, and he is just 19 years old. 
  • He is a resident of the Kesli area of the Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh.
  • He said that he was heavily inspired by the famous movie KGF 2, and the character played by Yash, Rocky Bhai. He also had plans to raise funds to become a gangster so that he could target policemen. 
  • He admitted that he killed six guards, and it was just a stepping stone to his plans of becoming "famous". 

How did 'Stoneman' select his victims?

The 'Stoneman' targeted all his victims in the dark of night and killed them in a similar pattern. His victims were watchmen, and he attacked them when they were asleep. He claimed that his 6 victims were not only from Sagar, but also from Pune, Maharashtra. 

He committed his first murder in Pune, and then took a little time to "cool off", and then started his killing spree in his own district.  

Stoneman's latest victims were responsible for his arrest

The killings look like scenes from a True Crime documentary, and so did his arrest. 

His latest victims were Kalyan Lodhi, Shambhu Narayan Dube and Mangal Ahirwar, who were killed one after the other in 3 consecutive days. All 3 were watchmen, and were in their 50s-60s. 

The police were able to make a suspect sketch based on the CCTV footage from the crime scene. The sketch was then released and a reward of Rs 20,000 was announced for whoever could get information on him. 

Soon, he was traced with the help of a team of policemen and triangulating a mobile phone network, the Times of India reported.

Last updated: September 02, 2022 | 15:43
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