Passenger on Abu Dhabi to Mumbai Vistara flight runs half-naked and punches crew member

DailyBiteJan 31, 2023 | 11:56

Passenger on Abu Dhabi to Mumbai Vistara flight runs half-naked and punches crew member

Unruly passenger on Vistara flight booked by Mumbai police. Photo: airvistara.com

It seems like there will not be an end to drama on flights. If someone didn't pee on you or tried to open the emergency exit door mid-air (which is practically not possible BTW), then rest assured you could be punched in the face or flashed. 

In the latest to the list of flight drama, a woman passenger on an Abu Dhabi to Mumbai flight on January 30 decided to go cuckoo. 


What happened? The incident took place on Air Vistara flight UK 256.

  • A passenger identified as Paola Perrucio from Italy created a ruckus on the flight after she left her seat in economy class and took up a seat in business class.

  • When the crew asked her to return to her assigned seat after ascertaining there was no problem, Perrucio punched a crew member in the face and started getting aggressive with them.
  • A woman crew member was left bleeding from the incident. But the mid-air nightmare didn't stop there.
  • The woman then took off her clothes and started walking up and down the cabin half-naked, when the crew went to inform the Captain. 
  • The woman was subsequently restrained and tied up in a seat at the end of the plane. Perrucio also spat on the crew members and continued to abuse them while being restrained. 
There was no remorse on her face even after she was ordered to be restrained by the pilot. The pilot felt she was a threat after she punched a crew who had gone to inquire.
- Witness

The passenger was handed over to the police upon landing in Mumbai. A court has given her bail as her lawyer reportedly argued that she was unhappy with the services on the flight. 

Here's what Air Vistara said about the incident: 

In view of the continued unruly conduct and violent behaviour, the captain issued a warning card and made a decision to restrain the customer. The pilot made regular announcements to assure the other customers onboard of their safety and security.
- Air Vistara spokesperson
Vistara stands firm with its zero-tolerance policy against unruly behaviour that endangers the safety, security, and dignity of its customers and staff.
- Air Vistara spokesperson

Given the frequency of people going crazy up in the air, it seems like the next time you board a flight, the plane crashing won't be your only worry. Your more immediate concern should be whether the passenger sitting next to you decides to unleash their crazy or that poha is called salad

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