That missing F-35 jet worth $80 million has been found... in the US military's backyard

Debodinna Chakraborty
Debodinna ChakrabortySep 19, 2023 | 13:43

That missing F-35 jet worth $80 million has been found... in the US military's backyard

US military is conducting an investigation on the "mishap" which cost them a $80 million fighter jet. (Photo: Getty)

To mark an end to all the drama surrounding the missing F-35 jet, US military search party found a debris field near Charleston, USA, which was later identified as that of the missing multimillion dollar F-35 fighter jet. This $80 million fighter jet had the US military sending out distress messages and asking for public help in locating the missing plane, till...


...the mother of all ironies: The debris field was located just two hours from the US military base in Charleston!


  • On Monday, September 18, the military search operation looking for the missing F-35 jet found a debris field which was identified to be from the $80 million jet.
  • It was only a day before that the fighter jet was reported missing after its pilot had to eject due to a “training fault”.

There's no dearth of drama though, with people taking a jibe at the US military for “losing” a multimillion dollar jet and then asking for public help to locate it.

US Congresswoman Nancy Mace too chimed in, asking the US military, “How in the hell do you lose an F-35?” 

Where was the debris found?

Since Sunday, the day the jet went missing, the US military in collaboration with South Carolina Law Enforcement Division initiated a search operation for it.

  • The search was mainly focused on the area around Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, both located north of North Charleston, where the pilot ejected.
  • Only a day later, a debris field was found by the search team near Charleston, which is two hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston. 

How did the F-35 go missing?

  • Though it is yet to know what actually was the "mishap" that led to the pilot, whose name remains undisclosed, ejecting from the jet which caused the loss of the expensive plane, the authorities said that they are having an investigation to find the cause. 
“The mishap is currently under investigation, and we are unable to provide additional details to preserve the integrity of the investigative process.”
- US Marines in a statement
Last updated: September 19, 2023 | 13:43
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