The 'alien corpses' are being tested for authenticity, and the results have been intriguing

Debodinna Chakraborty
Debodinna ChakrabortySep 19, 2023 | 18:51

The 'alien corpses' are being tested for authenticity, and the results have been intriguing

There were three full-fledged tests carried out on the supposed "alien corpses". (Photo: Reuters)

This year's ongoing alien saga continues to captivate the world's attention as scientists undertake rigorous examinations of the purported "alien corpses."

These examinations, including X-rays and authenticity tests conducted by a Mexican doctor, have yielded fascinating results.


The global frenzy ignited when news broke that two alleged "alien corpses" had been presented to the Mexican Congress, sparking a deluge of mixed reactions across social media.


This spectacle fueled widespread speculation regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life.

These enigmatic specimens were unveiled at an event organized by former Mexican journalist and self-proclaimed "Ufologist," Jaime Maussan, in the presence of Mexican Congress members.

The event piqued the curiosity of both scientists and the general public. Even NASA expressed interest by requesting access to samples when questioned about their stance on these unusual finds.

The alien corpses were displayed in glass boxes in front of the Mexico Congress. (Photo: AFP)

Now, the two purported alien bodies have undergone a battery of tests aimed at verifying their authenticity, yielding eyebrow-raising results.

The tests  

According to a report by BBC, a Mexican doctor, under the guidance of José de Jesús Zalce Benitez, a military doctor and forensic expert, conducted three tests on the two "alien corpses":

  • Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan: This test provided detailed imaging of the two bodies.
  • X-Ray Scan: Utilized to assess the skeletal structure of the bodies, determining whether it was a single skeleton or an amalgamation of several bones artificially joined together.
  • Fluoroscopy Study: A third test aimed at examining specific characteristics.

The findings

As reported by the BBC, the results of these tests revealed the following:

  • These bodies do indeed possess a singular skeletal structure and are not mere assemblages of bones and fragments.
  • No evidence of external skull manipulation was detected during the examinations.
The initial test results show that the corpses have no signs of artificial creation or manipulation. (Photo: Reuters)

Disagreement with the Peruvian government

The two purported alien bodies were originally discovered in a diatom (algae) mine in Cusco, Peru. Since their presentation before the Mexican Government, the Peruvian government has staunchly contended that these specimens are pre-Hispanic artifacts.

With these test results in hand, it is evident that the divide between the scientific community and the Peruvian government will only intensify.

Last updated: September 19, 2023 | 18:51
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