The world's worst serial killer murdered 190 kids. He is now up for early parole

Debodinna Chakraborty
Debodinna ChakrabortyAug 18, 2023 | 15:36

The world's worst serial killer murdered 190 kids. He is now up for early parole

The most notorious serial Killer from Columbia is now up for parole. (Photo: Murderpedia)

One of the world's most prolific serial killers, Luis Garavito from Colombia, has sparked major outrage in the country as he becomes eligible for parole this year.


Colombian serial killer Luis Garavito, infamous for brutally assaulting, tormenting, raping, and murdering over 190 boys and young men, is currently under consideration for early release this year based on his "good behavior."

Known as "La Bestia," meaning 'The Beast,' Garavito's killing spree is one of the most extensively documented cases among global serial murderers. Initially confessing to the murders of 140 boys, the count later escalated to a staggering 193 victims.


These tragic events unfolded between 1992 and 1999, with victims ranging from ages six to sixteen. Concerns linger that his actual victim count may exceed 300.

The search for Garavito's victim was one of the most horrifying scenes in Columbian history. (Photo: Murderpedia, Getty Images)

In 1999, Garavito, who was then suffering from extensive alcohol issues and psychological disorders, was taken into custody under suspicion of sexually assaulting a juvenile. Subsequently, he admitted to the homicide of the 140 young individuals

Ultimately, he received a prison term of 835 years for the killing of 189 individuals.

Why the early parole for Garavito?

Colombia's prison regulations cap sentences at 40 years, permitting early release based on good conduct after serving over 50% of the term.

The Columbian police arrested Garavito in 1999. (Photo: Murderpedia)

As per reports, Garavito has completed three-fifths of his sentence, which makes him qualified for potential parole. This development has sparked intense debates and outrage amongst the people of the country, as they  express doubts about the feasibility of releasing an individual accountable for such horrifying crimes. 

About his victims 

The proceedings of Garavito’s trial disclosed that he used to pose as a monk or beggar and lure poor kids with some money, sweets or soda. After that he would often rape, abuse them and ultimately slit their throats.

Garavito usually targeted poor kids on the streets. (Photo: Getty Images)

The murderer said that an inner voice kept driving him to kill kids which was allegedly due to the long history of his own childhood trauma. 


It was also recorded that Garavito underwent episodes of psychosis, paranoia, and depression, actively seeking psychiatric assistance multiple times.

About Garavito’s past

Before becoming an abuser himself, Luis Garavito went through a traumatic early life. Born on January 25, 1957, in Génova, Quindío, Colombia, Garavito stood as the eldest of seven siblings, all of whom he alleged, encountered physical and emotional abuse from their father.

At the age of 16, Garavito left his home and started doing numerous out-of-the ordinary jobs, all across Colombia.

Columbian Law enforcement records state that Garavito also has a suicide attempt to his name, which led to a five-year stint in psychiatric rehabilitation.

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