Trashy humans from UK and US are donating all their trash to Turkey earthquake victims it seems

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaFeb 22, 2023 | 15:04

Trashy humans from UK and US are donating all their trash to Turkey earthquake victims it seems

Fresh earthquake impacted areas of Turkey and Syria yesterday. Photo: dailyO

What not to donate to earthquake victims? Learn from most UK and US people: Do the exact opposite of what they are doing. Dirty laundry, 10-inch heels and stained clothing have been discovered among 'inappropriate' donations made to the victims of the Turkey and Syria earthquake. According to local reports, almost 20% of the items that were donated were unfit for use.

Clothing collection drop-offs are not a place where you can empty your trash. Those people also have pride. Does your conscience not hurt at all? It is enough for God's sake. Please, enough.
- Salina Reddy on Twitter

People are posting videos and photos of the received items all over social media from TikTok to Twitter. 

Photo: A pair of heels donated to the Turkey earthquake fund


Erim Metto, CEO of the Turkish Cypriot Community Association, based in London, told Metro.co.uk  that a fifth of all donations were 'inappropriate' or 'unusable'.

We were very clear about what donations we would accept. We did say we would not accept any inappropriate clothing. 
- Erim Metto 

However, some Twitter users also said: 

Unfit-for-use items are painfully common in donations to the needy.

Many NGOs in fact make it quite clear to people donating clothes to not give away stuff that has absolutely no use. 

What to keep in mind if you are donating:

  • Donate only wearable, usable and washed clothes
  • Wash, pack, sanitise and seal your materials properly
  • Labelling or itemising your donation is always easier for people to sort through
  • If you are donating food or medicines, check for expiry dates
  • Above all, care for the dignity of the person you are donating to

What's latest with Turkey-Syria Quake?

Fresh earthquake impacted areas of Turkey and Syria again yesterday (February 21), which is still reeling from the devastating series of earthquakes two weeks ago. The February 6 earthquakes killed more than 45,000 people.

Photo: After-effects of the earthquake in Turkey/ Reuters

On February 21, the latest earthquake caused buildings to fall, trapping residents. 3 people died and 600 people were injured in both nations, according to officials.

Many nations are sending help to both countries, including India (items like a mobile hospital, specialised search and rescue teams, and emergency medical equipment such as portable ECG machines and patient monitors).

Last updated: February 22, 2023 | 15:04
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