Umesh Pal murder case: 2 encounter deaths, properties razed, and bounty by UP Police

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Umesh Pal murder case: 2 encounter deaths, properties razed, and bounty by UP Police

Uttar Pradesh police gunned down another accused Vijay Chaudhary alias Usman, who was one of the accused in the murder of Umesh Pal, prime witness of BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case (2005).

The Uttar Pradesh Police has continued its crackdown on the killers of the prime witness of Raju Pal murder case, Umesh Pal, as another accused, Vijay Chaudhary alias Usman (27), who shot Umesh Pal and two of his bodyguards, was gunned down in the early hours of Monday (March 6).

The encounter was led by a Special Operation Group (SOG) along with the Kaundhiyara police station, near the Kaundhiyara area in the trans-Yamuna pocket of UP's Prayagraj district.


Who was Vijay Chaudhary alias Usman? Usman was said to be the one who first fired gunshots at Umesh Pal and his bodyguards on February 24. The person in the the viral video standing in a shop having a conversation with a shopkeeper, who suddenly starts shooting at Umesh Pal and his gunmen, as they get down from the car was Usman. He was one of the sharp-shooters of the Atiq Ahmed gang.

The accused carried a bounty of Rs 50,000 on his head along with four others, who had been declared as most-wanted by the UP Police. 

UP police in full action:  UP CM Yogi Adityanath's message in the UP assembly that the criminal in the state will be reduced to rubbles is going on in full swing.

The first accused who was shot dead by the UP Police was Mohd Arbaz (24). The killing happened within 72 hours of Umesh Pal's murder. The police had said that Arbaz was riding a motorcycle near the Nehru Park in Prayagraj when he was surrounded by the police and asked to surrender. "But he opened fire at the police, and he was killed when the police retaliated," said Commissioner of Police, Prayagraj, Rohit Sharma,"


Arbaz was said to be the one who was driving the vehicle which carried the killers of Umesh Pal and also played an important role in helping the killers flee after the crime, the police.

Like Usman, Arbaz too, carried a bounty of Rs 50,000 on his head.

Demolition of properties: The UP police also raze the property of one of Atiq Ahmed's aide, Safdar Ali in Prayagra on March 2, 2023. The Prayagraj administration said that the two-storied building which was demolished was illegally constructed.

Safdar Ali is one of the close aides of Atiq Ahmed and he is also an arms trader.

On March 1, the Prayagraj administration had razed down the house of another Atiq Ahmed aide, Zafar Khalid. The administration said that this was also an illegal property constructed in the city's Chakia area. Atiq Ahmed's wife Shaista Parveen was reportedly living in the house.


Atiq Ahmed and his brother are suspects: The UP Police has also found that jailed ex MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Khalid Azmi alias Mohammad Ashraf hatched a conspiracy with few others to kill Umesh Pal in Prayagraj, India Today reported.

Atiq Ahmed and his brother are also the prime accused in the murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal who was killed by unknown assailants on January 25, 2005, in Prayagraj.

The case, which has been heard in the Special UP MP/MLA Court, had to be adjudicated within two months. Umesh Pal was the prime witness in the case, and on Friday (February 24), the day he was murdered, he had just came back from a court hearing. 

While Atiq Ahmed is in a Gujarat jail currently in a case related to the assault of faculty members of Agricultural Research Institute in Prayagraj in 2016, his brother Khalid Azmi is in Bareilly jail.

Both brothers are prime suspects in the killing of Raju Pal in 2005 and also in the murder of Umesh Pal.

The UP police has also declared a cash reward of Rs 2.5 lakh on anyone who gives clues on the five wanted criminals in the Umesh Pal murder case.

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