AIB has classism issues, this video is proof

DailyBiteJun 23, 2016 | 12:31

AIB has classism issues, this video is proof

Much as I enjoyed "On Air", and much as I enjoy most things Rohan Joshi says and does, I am now convinced that AIB (All India Bakchod) has a bit of a classism problem. Consider their latest song, "Tu Chahe".

On the surface, it's a cutesy, cotton candy ode to single women living alone in the big city, sung by watchmen (and a domestic help) who are ashamed of their prying ways.


The "Watchboyz" are depicted as creepy, borderline stalkers who like nothing more than to watch the comings and goings of the young (unmarried) women in the building, and to judge them for their "loose character".

They only come to their senses after one of them falls in love with Kamla Bai, the domestic help who raps the song's final sequence.

If you were to take this song at face value, it basically claims two things:

1. The BIGGEST problem faced by young women living alone is... nosy watchmen and nosier domestic helps

Because they are ALL conservative as fu*k, don't you know? And how do we know this?

Because they are not city-slickers, stupid!

Because their English is like Rohan's Hindi, ie, with more holes than Swiss cheese.

Interestingly, in their previous song about online and offline stalkers ("Mere Creep Se Creepy"), the big bad is a very rustic, very brown guy called "Suresh Kumar," who, surprise surprise, speaks bad English and once pretended to be a watchman to spy on a girl.


Watchmen are not city-slickers, stupid! 

2. Romantic love was invented by the upper classes

The lower classes discovered it

a) Recently,


b) By accident and,

c) Only because they were now living in close proximity to the upper classes.

How would a watchman and a "kaam-waali bai" discover romantic love had it not been for the sahibs and memsahibs teaching them by example?


Dude, Rohan, man, like seriously, expand your circle of friends and acquaintances beyond the baba log.

We will all be grateful, I am sure.

Last updated: June 23, 2016 | 12:31
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