Mr Kejriwal, think about Dalits at home before talking on Rohith Vemula's death

ShubhrasthaJan 21, 2016 | 16:44

Mr Kejriwal, think about Dalits at home before talking on Rohith Vemula's death

Dear Mr Arvind Kejriwal,

I write to you as an ex-supporter of the Aam Admi Party and also as someone who has been closely following your politics.

I am amazed that a chief minister of some other state is flying to Hyderabad all of sudden to champion himself as a Dalit rights' activist. Scratching below the surface of your façade one sees only hypocrisy.


There has been no regularisation of safai karamcharis in Delhi. No medical insurance has been put in place for them either. As the betrayer of many a Dalit dream after you came to office, what right do you have to indulge in politics over Rohith Vemula's death when you have killed the trust that the Dalits had reposed in you? Tell me, how many times did you or your cabinet or your party even mention the cause of the Dalits all this while, since you came to office?

It is extremely hypocritical to talk about the Dalit question in Hyderabad today when you have come up with absolutely no affirmative action whatsoever when it comes to giving a fair representation to Dalits in your cabinet, party or ministries.

In fact, Rakhi Birla who was a Dalit woman in your cabinet was sacked on grounds of corruption. You did not oust her from the party solely because she consolidates your voter base, still! By exposing another hypocritical decision, Mr Kejriwal, you showcased a sly motive that reeks of political opportunism and hypocrisy. By visiting Hyderabad in this context, Mr Kejriwal, you express your shamelessness to milk Dalits and the other oppressed sections of society for your sole motive of staying and continuing in power.


No chief minister in the country has flown down to Hyderabad with the kind of limelight management as you have done. I charge you, Mr Kejriwal, for your politics of selective Dalit and/or secular and/or anti-corruption outrage. If you were a true messiah of the oppressed communities, you would have silently fulfilled the debts Rohith died under and as a genuine tribute to the Dalits, regularised the services of some of the most marginalised communities in government offices.

If you were truly secular, Mr Kejriwal, you would have spoken as strongly against the Malda violence as you took to Twitter to express your secular credentials. But perhaps you would not, because your new-found affection for West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is driven by political arithmetic and vicious anti-Centre chemistry.

If you were a true anti-corruption activist Mr Kejriwal, you would have swiftly exposed the many files and papers against the former chief minister of Delhi, Shiela Dikshit, who suddenly seems expunged of all her sins, which when amplified, led you to the power you hold today.

No one holds you responsible, Mr Kejriwal, because you have an uncanny ability to keep media attention away from the real issues in Delhi. In your classic response to all controversies, you try to climb up the ladder of morality, easily washing away your sins, thinking the janta to be a fool who can be taken for a ride.


Dear Mr Kejriwal, as a citizen of Delhi, I am more concerned about the effects of your Tughlaqian politics like the odd-even scheme at a time when a top official of your government was under CBI scanner, than interested in knowing what you feel and express on an unfortunate incident still under investigation in Hyderabad. I want to see my leader more entrenched in visiting Nizamuddin Basti and Mehrauli slums than one who does graveyard tourism to bake his nascent political bread.

The year 2019 is quite far away, Mr Kejriwal. And after you got rejected on the national stage quite summarily, please have the humility to value what the people of Delhi have voted you for - the development and well-being of Delhi. Prove that as a leader you have the ability to make Delhi a truly secular and egalitarian space and perhaps then show the authority of your "expert" comments on events beyond the grasp of the nation at the moment.

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