#Conclave16: No plan to change for any man, woman or child, says Reham Khan

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#Conclave16: No plan to change for any man, woman or child, says Reham Khan

What she really laments and heartily so is that her brief marriage to Pakistan's flamboyant politician and former cricket captain, Imran Khan, has come to define her for everyone in South Asia. At India Today Conclave 2016, Reham Khan, former BBC broadcaster and journalist, tells a pleasantly surprised audience at Hotel Taj Palace, that she would change for no man, woman or child.

Speaking at the session, "Line Of Peace", on the issue "Empowering Women Across Border", Khan - broadcaster and human rights, was engaged in a heartwarming conversation with fellow activist, actor, and entrepreneur, Gul Panag, and India Today's Simi Pasha.

Khan and Panag shared their visions and thoughts on what they thought was empowerment for women in the contemporary age.

Reham Khan and Gul Panag at India Today Conclave 2016.  [Photo credit: M Zhazo]

Here are the key quotes.

Reham Khan

"Thank you India Today for inviting me to India."

"A woman is an entity in her own right."

"Inequality, misogyny starts at home."

"In 2014, 86 per cent of rape cases in India featured relatives."

"We talk about putting more women in Assemblies but will we listen to them?"

"One thing that binds us together is our hushed silence. We are silent as we hide the reality of our homes."

"It is a part of my life, people make mistakes. Sometimes people do make a mistake but it goes undocumented." Reham Khan on her marriage with Imran Khan

"I loved meeting the real people of Pakistan, people in Balochistan, people in south Punjab. That is when I 'changed my appearance because I love wearing the chadar."

"I have no plan to change for any man, woman or child."

Gul Panag

"Issues concerning attacks in Mumbai, Gurdaspur, Pathankot are state issues and should be resolved by the two governments."

"I can't recall any ill-will that they talked about the people of Pakistan."

"My family has fought in every India-Pakistan war so far."

"India is a vast fabulous country. Not once I was touched inappropriately during the hectic election campaign in 2014."

"Bahut ajeeb hai bandishein mohabbat ki, na usne qaid mein rakha na hum faraar hue." [Gul Panag concludes her speech with Ahmed Faraz's couplet.]

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