How Rahul Gandhi kept democracy in Manipur safe from Modi

Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
Ningombam Bupenda MeiteiApr 13, 2016 | 17:40

How Rahul Gandhi kept democracy in Manipur safe from Modi

When President's Rule was imposed in Uttarakhand, the tremors were felt in other states too.

Among the hit-list were Arunachal Pradesh and attempts were made to bring down the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh. To prevent a similar reaction in Manipur, the demands of the dissenting Congress MLAs were discussed and the President's Rule crisis was averted well in time.

It's important for me to point out that the Congress lives in deep harmony in Manipur with not only its own representatives and workers but also with the indigenous people. And it is the party vice-president Rahul Gandhi who deserves all the praise for saving the democracy in Manipur. 

When the dissenting voice got stronger, it was none other than Congress president, Sonia Gandhi who had summoned both Manipur chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh and deputy chief minister Gaikhangam Gangmei to New Delhi. The summon came after the dissenting Congress MLAs called on the high command. The two demands of "one man-one post" and "ministry reshuffle" were met gradually. 

Under Rahul Gandhi's proactive leadership, Manipur is secure from the dictatorial Modi regime at the Centre. 

After meeting with the Gandhis, CM Ibobi called on them again with the updated list of state's cabinet ministers. After Sonia Gandhi's summon, a new PCC president was nominated but ministry reshuffle did not take place immediately.

With the Congress president campaigning rigorously in Assam, the demand for a cabinet revamp couldn't come through in one go. It was only when Rahul Gandhi met with Manipur CM that the decision was finally made. It was a major breakthrough as the vice-president had solved the one of the most complex political puzzles in the history of modern political Manipur post-1949.

Rahul realised that while a cabinet overhaul is the need of the hour for the Congress, the outgoing ministers must not feel victimised in the public eye. This was a clever move timely played by the Congress VP in the run-up for 2017 Manipur Assembly elections. Post the ministry reshuffle, it's more than just a possibility that the Grand Old Party will register a record-breaking win in the state.

I believe that under Rahul Gandhi's proactive leadership, the Manipur government is secure from the dictatorial Narendra Modi regime at the Centre. One can see that Rahul treads a middle path loosely espoused by Gautam Buddha which is perhaps what the state needs right now.

Manipur is miniscule, in terms of numbers, but democracy is deeply rooted in the political fabric of the state. And with an inclusive party for all which is dedicated to the cause of territorial integrity and indigenous people like the Congress, the BJP doesn't stand a chance in Imphal.

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