Modi sarkar has forgotten governance, attacking Congress its only agenda

Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
Ningombam Bupenda MeiteiMay 06, 2016 | 14:24

Modi sarkar has forgotten governance, attacking Congress its only agenda

In today's "Save Democracy" protest march of the Indian National Congress party from Jantar Mantar to Parliament, former prime minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh's line - "Congress is the soul of India" - is the living inspiration and the North Star to lead the nation again to the path of inclusive democracy and save the nation from the ongoing destruction of democracy by Modi government.


Besides scuttling democratic voices in universities and academia, Modi's way of belittling the democratically-elected Congress governments in some states of India and not giving attention to the real socio-economic issues of the country have rationalised the urgent necessity to revisit the ethos of true democracy in our country.

What has the nation got in terms of solving economic problems of the country from the NDA government which is busy only in using diversionary tactics to harass and threaten the Nehru-Gandhi family and the Congress?

"Congress is the soul of India," said former PM Manmohan Singh.

Where is the economy of the country heading to, at present? Where is the industrial growth? How many youth have been given employment in public sectors by Modi sarkar? How many direct recruitment posts in government services have been increased to cater to the needs of the unemployed youth of the country?

Has the government thought of giving employment to the youth who hold Master's degrees? Should a youth with PhD or MA degree go back to Modi's skill development programme to become a skilled job seeker in today's global economy?

Are all youth bound to become employed in public sector only once they become "skilled" by Modi's skill development programme? How many new jobs in government services have been created since Modi becomes the prime minister?


Is "education" a process to produce "skilled labour" only, according to Modi government?

In rural India, Modi has destroyed Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme; in urban India, the government has shut the democratic voices of students and young people who question rationally and logically; in Northeast India and Himalayan hill states, it has eliminated the Special Category Status.

Now, Modi is determined to not only uproot the democracy in the Congress-ruled states but also has started attaching unverified meanings and baseless accusations against the Congress by directly trying to tarnish the reputation and credibility of the Nehru-Gandhi family so that Modi's projection of not only "Congress-mukt Bharat" but also "Gandhi-mukt Bharat" becomes a possibility.

The reality is, such agenda of Modi will only boomerang and attack Modi sarkar in 2019. It has already been witnessed in Delhi and Bihar elections after May, 2014.

The nation is alive because of its living soul, and the soul does not die. Therefore, Congress will again bounce back to represent the true ethos of democratic values for the betterment of the common people.

The more Modi attacks Nehru-Gandhi family directly, the less is BJP's chance of coming back to power in 2019.


The common people want "roti, kapda aur makaan". Today's youth want services in public sectors and government employment, decent inclusive economic development and sustainable environmental conditions to survive, and very importantly, the power to question the government in a democracy.

Modi's arrogance of only attacking the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family, and not concentrating and presenting the economic development of the country will only lead to his removal in 2019.

The Congress - a natural all India party of the people - is inevitably, the only option that will be brought back to power again.

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