Has river Saraswati actually been found?

DailyBiteJul 02, 2015 | 11:50

Has river Saraswati actually been found?

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When you wake up to a dramatic newspaper headline saying "Saraswati river sprouts to life after 4,000 years" - it is natural to sit up and take notice of a development that promises to be of historical and religious significance. The Saraswati river, after all, has been described as the "greatest of mothers, greatest of rivers and greatest of goddesses" in our Vedas.

Yet, I read the article with an ennui of a journalist who has been a long distance runner - been there, seen that. The story says that the Haryana Assembly Speaker and Yamunanagar Deputy Commissioner rushed to the spot this week and tasted the water. The article in Mail Today on Saturday also says the Haryana government will try to revive the Saraswati river by diverting water from the Somb river too. Read more.

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