The Imran Khan and Reham Khan story

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad BilalApr 05, 2022 | 17:40

The Imran Khan and Reham Khan story

Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan has been talking about him, and the political crisis in Pakistan.

Pakistan Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is going through one of the toughest tests of his life. He is a PM for only a few days, until a new caretaker PM is elected by the National Assembly (NA). After dissolving the NA on Sunday ahead of the no-confidence motion, Khan addressed the nation where he insisted on fresh elections.

2-7_040522035612.jpgImran Khan. Photo: Getty Images

Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi decided to dissolve the assemblies and called for fresh elections within 90 days. Imran also continues the list of all Pakistani PMs who could not complete their tenure.

But right ahead of the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan commented on Imran Khan. Talking to India Today, Reham said that Imran is delusional and has this God complex. She said, “Grace is a word not in his dictionary.”

Reham went on to accuse Imran Khan of shamefully holding on to the post of PM while he was being nudged by the Army to step down.

But this isn’t the first time that Reham has spoken against her former husband, Imran Khan. In 2018, right ahead of the national elections in Pakistan, Reham had come up with her autobiography, Reham Khan. The book, although called her autobiography, focussed more on her former husband Imran Khan.

Here is a look at the relationship between Imran Khan and Reham Khan:


Imran Khan and Reham Khan met for the first time in May 2014 when Reham was interviewing Imran for a show. That was the first time Reham and Imran met. According to Reham, Imran once again called her for a short meeting, where he said that he wanted to discuss something important.

The two met at Imran’s house the second time. That was where Imran proposed to Reham. Reham Khan quotes Imran, “I am looking to get married. I don’t want anything else with you. I want to marry you.”

Though Reham said she didn’t say yes, she also didn’t say no.


According to Reham Khan, Imran Khan had said that it was because of him being single that the Sharif family targeted him. She quotes Imran as saying, ”Sharifs are such b******s. They do these constant attacks on my present life because I am single.”

Reham, in her book, writes that Imran wanted to marry her because of this reason. According to Imran, he couldn’t get along with his previous wife Jemima Goldsmith and had to separate.


By the end of June 2014, the two met several times and fell in love. It was also the time when Imran introduced his sister Aleema to Reham Khan. Aleema though at first sight didn’t say much, but later told Imran to not to marry Reham, says the latter in her book.

Imran had later told him that his sister had shown her a website 'Truth about Reham Khan'. In fact, Imran’s family was very much against his decision of marrying Reham. But Imran went ahead and married her anyway.


imran-khan-reham-kha_040522035805.jpgImran Khan and Reham Khan. Photo: Getty Images

The Nikah ceremony took place on October 31, 2014. The event was attended by only a few people and it happened in Imran’s bedroom. Reham Khan further writes that there was also a scuffle between her and Imran a day before their marriage.

A woman named Moby had texted Imran not to marry Reham because of her scandalous past in London. Imran had told Reham about this. This led to arguments between the two. Imran later apologised and on the next day itself, married Reham.


Reham in her book said that life after marriage with Imran was not what she expected. She accused Imran of being authoritarian. From banning guests at their place post 7 pm to playing loud music even in the month of Ramzan, Reham found Imran problematic.

She also accused Imran Khan of indulging in drugs. Reham writes, ”He would typically go to the bathroom every hour and eventually I started noticing the tell-tale traces of powder on his nostrils and cotton swabs with Vaseline in drawers.”


According to Reham Khan, Imran’s drug use didn’t recede. Moreover, in one instance, she had also caught him cheating on her. Reham said that she was not at all happy with the marriage. She even went on to say that she saved Imran’s contact number as ‘Liar’ on her mobile phone.

At one point, she even yelled at Imran when he asked her about a guy whom he suspected her to be in a relationship with at some point in her life.

She told Imran, ”There must be some good left in Pakistan that this country has been saved from you. My people have been saved. And Allah has saved me. Imran, all this year I kept wondering why Allah would deprive you of your wish. The last thing I would want is your blood in any child of mine.”

The two finally separated with mutual consent on October 30, 2015. While Imran has not spoken anything about it in public, Reham has been quite critical of Imran. She even released her book right before the Pakistan General Elections in 2018.

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