Why meeting Shaktiman the horse left me in tears

Anoop Nautiyal
Anoop NautiyalMar 17, 2016 | 09:14

Why meeting Shaktiman the horse left me in tears

I saw Shaktiman, the horse who was grievously injured in Dehradun during a political rally, yesterday afternoon. It was two days ago that his entire life had turned upside down.

My very first reflections were - what a handsome and courageous horse. He had marks on his face and injuries on his legs. He was lying on the floor, I could sense the pain but could also feel his resolve. He did not groan, he did not moan as if he had reconciled to his fate. He moved around, writhing, restless yet quiet. Tears seemed to be flowing down his eyes but it also seemed that he was determined to hide his sorrow. His grief was his own, his agony the burden of a brutal attack by an individual gone berserk in the heat of the moment.


The people around him looked sad and forlorn. After all Shaktiman, their friend and companion was in pain. But they were also doing their best in the most trying circumstances that one could be in. Shaktiman was still unable to stand and had not passed urine. They wanted - desperately wanted - him to get up on his feet. This was their challenge, this was their immediate goal.

I came back. Quiet, sad, angry. I was numb. There was nothing I could do except hope that our blessings and our prayers could heal the pain of Shaktiman.

So here they come, my friend, tons of them and hoping that you get better soon and that we can rejoice in your recovery.

Till then take care my dear Shaktiman, we love you, you are the best! Get well soon!

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