General Bakshi calls out insult to Indian Muslims in a strong FB post

'We are all INDIANS FIRST and Hindus, Muslims or anything else later.'

 |  1-minute read |   08-01-2017
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Just back From Kolkata. The state government and police denied that they had refused permission to have a seminar on J&K and Balochistan in the city.

The Calcutta Club has implied they were pressured to cancel the event on the premise that any criticism of Pakistan could lead to a law and order situation in the city - insinuating thereby that the minority community would react violently to any criticism of Pakistan.

This is, to my mind, the worst insult to the patriotic Muslims of India - people like CQMH Abdul Hamid who got the Param Vir Chakra fighting Pakistan in 1965 and Brig Usman who got the Maha Vir Chakra posthumously in J&K and so many others.

I'm not prepared to accept this insulting premise. We are all INDIANS FIRST and Hindus, Muslims or anything else later. I understand the organisers are taking Calcutta Club to court for violation of the fundamental rights of free speech.

The fact that we can't hold a seminar on J&K and Balochistan cannot be accepted on the sovereign soil of India. This cannot just end tamely here.

(A version of this post first appeared on the writer's Facebook page.)

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Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi @generalbakshi

The writer is a retired Army officer.

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