Jat quota stir: Act now, act tough, Mr Khattar

Mandeep Singh
Mandeep SinghFeb 21, 2016 | 17:11

Jat quota stir: Act now, act tough, Mr Khattar

Come on Mr Chief Minister of Haryana. Act tough Mr Manohar Lal Khattar. Because that's the only way you can salvage something.

This is a crisis situation. There's no room for complacency. Enough damage has been done already by your dilly-dallying and, if this continues any longer, the fire will only spread!

The national capital and all of Punjab have been cut off from Haryana. Thousands are stranded. People are suffering. Schools have been shut. Factories have suspended production and a major water crisis looms in Delhi.


It's been quite some time that this started and more than 24 hours since the Army moved in. Yet, there's no sign of highways being opened and the protestors being evicted. Enough of mollycoddling such people. Now you must catch the bull by the horns and restore order.

What are you waiting for? How can the situation improve now? A lot of harm has been done already. Appeals and assurances have fallen on deaf ears. If the protesters refuse to listen, they should be dealt with using force - a lot of force!

Yes, the allegation is that the Congress is responsible for the mess. That may be true. Identify the rogues, hold them accountable and take them to task. Just blaming the previous government and sitting back for things to improve will not help. Catch Bhupinder Singh Hooda; charge all other Congressmen; throw the Jat leaders into jail, but get the state moving.

This is no time to play politics. Far from it! Start governing. Act tough. You have to get everything back on track. After all, what use are the Army and paramilitary forces if in over a day, they have achieved nothing.


Forget you belong to the BJP, Mr Khattar, or that the Congress is responsible. The issue now is that lumpen elements, rouges, thieves and scoundrels are roaming the streets of Haryana and holding everyone to ransom.

This has got to end. If you do, and do so quickly, the nation - every single one of us - is behind you.

Last updated: February 23, 2016 | 17:03
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