Can Arnab Goswami face a debate in JNU?

Kavita Krishnan
Kavita KrishnanFeb 20, 2016 | 15:28

Can Arnab Goswami face a debate in JNU?

An open challenge to Arnab Goswami. For one night, come for a News Hour to a place of our choice, perhaps JNU. Don't sit in the anchor's seat. Instead we'll invite Rahul Shivshankar of News X and Sudhir Choudhury of Zee News to join you as guests. The three of you can face questions about doctored videos and fake IB reports, and a legion other inaccuracies in your "news" debates on JNU.


No beating about the bush or shifting the goalposts to sedition or slogans - the debate will stay squarely on doctored videos and fake IB reports and fake tweets. You'll be asked what's the difference between what you did to JNU using doctored videos and what ABVP did to Rohith using faked clams of injuries which was actually appendicitis. You'll be asked why you lied when Siddharth Varadarajan of The Wire first exposed you.

Why, when your lie was caught, you again put a fresh spin on your use of the doctored video. The Nation Really Wants to Know, how Arnab G, Rahul S or Sudhir C can sleep at night, having tarnished the reputation of JNU, endangered students by inciting violence on them. Can you face such questions?

If not, don't ever act as sanctimonious judge and jury ever again. Your reputation is in shreds. You're a liar, plain and simple, one who doesn't care that his lies might endanger lives of young people.

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Last updated: February 20, 2016 | 15:28
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