Why BJP desperately wants ABVP to #OccupyEducation

Mandeep Singh
Mandeep SinghFeb 17, 2016 | 13:41

Why BJP desperately wants ABVP to #OccupyEducation

So now we're all anti-national? It would seem so.

The "enemies of India" have started raising their "ugly head" across the country, and according to the Central government (read BJP), this "movement" will be crushed.

The pro-BJP onslaught we are being bombarded with by television channels (with some exceptions, of course) would make any India-watcher feel the country is in the midst of a revolution of sorts, with "terrorists" and "separatists" roaming the streets wanting India's "barbadi".


Rather than identify and book those who actually supposedly raised anti-India slogans, the Delhi Police went around on a "cleansing" operation at the JNU campus, angering thousands of students, not only in the city but across the nation.

The result is for all to see. And these do not look encouraging at all.

It's now Jadavpur University in the so-called Communist bastion West Bengal and will soon be elsewhere as it threatens to become an an all-out war of words (and violence) between pro and anti-BJP forces.

It's very amusing to see highly emotional BJP spokespersons scream and shout (of, course abetted by blatantly-biased anchors) on television and shouting their mouths (and everything else) off but what no one (at least the BJP's top honchos) realises is that it's suicidal to ignite such hatred of the government among the student community.

They will have short-term gains (like the arrest of the JNUSU president) and others but the flames will spread uncontrollably among India's youth with the government, and the nation, set to pay a heavy price.


Top legal luminaries, commentators, intellectuals - all those with a level head on their shoulders - have seen how all that's happening is designed for the ABVP (louts and goons as they have been called) to take control of one of India's premier educational institutions.

No one's blind, including the government. But, do they realise what they have done in their desperation to get a hold on the JNU? Sadly, if it doesn't stop soon, it will explode. Don't let that happen!

Last updated: February 17, 2016 | 13:41
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