Shame on Modi for using fake videos to pit students against farmers

JNU's Shehla Rashid tells PM: You are trying to tell farmers that these 'anti-nationals' are using their tax money.

 |  2-minute read |   29-03-2016
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What a shame! Mr Superman, Vikas Purush, Narendra Modi has nothing to offer to the farmers, but doctored videos of JNU students and a "Kisan Suvidha Smartphone App"! How very innovative, Mr Modi. You are basically trying to say to the farmers that these "anti-nationals" of JNU are using their tax money and are the cause for farmer distress. But the reality is that you are subjecting students to the same policies that led to farmers' suicides.

You are trying to distract farmers away from the real cause of their distress and trying to divert the anger towards the students! Things for which the government should be accountable are being blamed on a few students in the country. We have questioned the policies that affect farmers negatively. Neo-liberal economic policies have brought ruin to Indian farmers, and by bringing education under WTO-GATS, you are trying to do with students, exactly what was done with farmers. First you tried to pit soldiers against students.

Now you are trying to pit farmers against students. This divide-and-rule policy is a trademark of the colonialists, whose faithful servant the RSS actually is. On the one hand, you sell off the country's economic and political sovereignty to WTO. On the other hand, you cry nationalism. On the one hand, you cut off spending on agriculture and education. On the other, you divide farmers and students, so that they don't get together to raise questions about your ruinous economic policies. But JNU is among the few institutions that have stood up for farmers. JNU is among the few institutions where farmers' children can study.

And farmers, soldiers, students, together will ensure that they continue to be able to do so. All the sections of the society being divided by RSS will come together and ensure the end of this neoliberal Hindutva model. 

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Shehla Rashid
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