Why was Kanhaiya made a victim of false allegations and doctored videos?

Kamal Mitra Chenoy
Kamal Mitra ChenoyFeb 19, 2016 | 23:01

Why was Kanhaiya made a victim of false allegations and doctored videos?

Ever since the furore broke on February 9, in JNU, as a JNU veteran I had my doubts. Why should Kanhaiya Kumar who is in the AISF and CPI, bred in the CPI stronghold of Begusarai, Bihar, raise secessionist slogans? As an elected president of the JNU Students' Union, why would he raise such slogans, when the mainstream Left controlled the Union, and the ultra-Left, the Democratic Students' Union (DSU), a tiny force to begin with, was reduced to about a dozen with another split in their organisation?


The ultra-Left, apart from their incendiary slogans, were less than open. They wrote only their first names in their leaflet, and as widely noted, did not ask for permission for their secessionist and anti-democratic slogans. Yet, because of common names, a female student from Kashmir who is a Sikh, found that her home in Baramulla had been visited by the police.

The ones who created this trouble that provided grist to the anti-Left mill as many don't like a university where students are taught to ask questions to power, obviously did not have the courage of their convictions to stay behind to defend their positions.

A complaint was given to the police claiming sedition. The police did no independent investigation of this claim. Sedition is a very serious crime, yet there was no independent search for clues including public statements by the ultra-Left.

There was a video which claimed to show Kanhaiya making secessionist slogans. Within days it became clear to some of us that the video was doctored. The lip movements of Kanhaiya and the timing of the slogans did not match.

Anchors refused to accept this evident fact. Not good for TRPs you see. So channels like Times Now, NewsX, Zee News, etc played the contrived video again and again.

Image grab from the fake video of Kanhaiya Kumar circulated by some newschannels. 

Today, Rahul Kanwal of India Today unearthed the real video in which Kanhaiya, spoke of "azadi" from capitalism, feudalism, casteism, communalism, brahmanism, etc. None of the slogans were anti-national. The ABP channel did a similar expose.  

So why did the police not investigate all this earlier? They had comprehensively failed to protect Kanhaiya in the Patiala House Court premises, along with journalists, JNU teachers and students.

Commissioner BS Bassi's claim that the police intervened, fooled no one. A committee of lawyers to look into the incident was set up by the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, there was a march of more than 10,000 in Delhi in support of JNU and freedom of speech. There are marches and protests in various parts of the country.

But questions remain.

On what basis did Union home minister Rajnath Singh claim that Hafiz Saeed had congratulated JNU? The tweet was not from Saeed's Twitter handle, and Saeed denied having sent any such message.

Is this how the home minister should behave? The PM as usual in such situations is quiet. He has gone into his ostrich asana.

The pattern, of targeting is evident. FTTI, then Rohith Vemula then the leftist "bastion" of JNU.


This is prejudice masquerading as politics. However, the tide has turned against the Sangh.

Satyamev Jayate!

Last updated: February 19, 2016 | 23:01
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