Why 'misguided' Kashmiri youth and 'misinformed' right-winger are made for each other

Ideas that are systematically propagated to fuel terrorism in Kashmir, are not dissimilar to those of right-wing fascism.

 |  4-minute read |   14-02-2018
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The "war" in Kashmir is against a corrupted ideology. This failed and crudely twisted ideology is known as terror. Fascism and crime, the two crutches of the Indian mobocracy, indirectly support this ideology.

People in India often talk of this dualism of Bharat - rural and dull, and India - urban and shining. The other dualism is not spoken of. This is the dualism of mobocracy and democracy, crime and law, drugs and medicine, corruption and legality, fascism and equality, misinformation and knowledge, lies and truth, in short, the underworld and the world.

In time of war, our people need to remember that the conflict we are witnessing in Kashmir is a war against the underworld of the world. This conflict, which one might argue is a battle fought only with weapons and economic policies, is also combated with ideas, theories, logic systems, knowledge and misinformation. In short, corruption and pollution of the young Indian mind as well as the matter that makes these minds. A corruption of matter could be seen as corruption through illegitimate wealth (in the economic sense, read black money) and proxy wars (in the militaristic sense).

Such ideas, that are systematically propagated and provide free fuel to the terrorists in Kashmir, are not dissimilar to those of totalitarian fascism of right-wing fundamentalist groups like the Shiv Sena, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the other such "senas", or unorganised militias growing on the Indian soil.


These groups and similar think-tanks, which also include various "dals", like the Bajrang Dal, are indirectly also an enemy of the Indian Constitution and its infrastructural machinery.

When we stand against the values of the Indian Constitution itself, even if it is for some "pig dream anarchy" (to borrow from George Orwell’s Animal Farm), we support the alleged dream of Pakistan to divide, loot, kill and tear this country to pieces. At a time when Indian soldiers are risking their lives for the nation, people need to understand that wars aren’t being fought with just guns and bombs alone, they are also being fought everywhere with letters, articles, thoughts, deals, economics, everyday governance.

The most important tool in the hands of the organised sector - foreign as well as disorganised domestic sector of this mobocracy - is misinformation. Deliberate, calculated propaganda of misinformation touches the mind of the curious internet surfer day and night, in a country where there is freedom to surf. Even when it is not deliberate, a lie or misinformation can cost lives in a world where thoughts and words count as much as deed, their eventual outcome.

We have seen, time and again, how orchestrated yellow journalism can ruin lives, simply because of its adherence to lies, exaggerations, and unethical illegitimate propaganda, which could be on account of some vested interests. However, we, as a collective generation, are not well-trained to deal with the war of words, art and information that we encounter on the intenet as well as in the media.

Acoording to popular movie, The Hurt Locker, “war is a drug”. These sweet-sounding intoxication inspired notes about war and some kind of anarchist-engineered chaos, as the desired path to national redemption stem from the failed ideals of the "high" revolt of the 1960s in America, which ended with the Manson murders in 1969.

"War" is not a drug. These inebriated warlords need to know that more than anything, it is their ideas and daily dealings that are dangerous. Their very act of breaking the law is an act of defiance against the constitutional values they choose to ignore, as well as duties to adhere to the law. Sure enough, they have no idea how they are cursing this nation as well as state with every deal they carry out.

Through their act of violating the Constitution, fuelled by their "pig dream" of "Hindutva", are supporting the very values that Pakistan is supposedly preaching to its citizens, and will only harm our soldiers and infrastructural machinery. The mobocracy that crime, corruption and fascism inadvertently support, is a situation that the underworld of the state has thrown the Indian masses into.

Secrecy, lies, blatant denial and terror are the known tactics of our state’s enemies, the terrorists and so on. These abhorrent values are supported by the unconstitutional pillars of hatred, crime, misinformation, "pig dreams" and other everyday situations that the mobocracy of India and Bharat live in. It is time to overthrow this mobocracy of totalitarian hatred, pipe dreams, and confusion. The war against our nation’s enemies is automatically won when we throw off these shrouds of dirt piling over our minds.

Misinformation has the potential to alter one’s perspective to the core. We are not living in some powerful military state policed by secret organisations, but the enemy states' plans to misinform and corrupt the Indian youth strikes a target every time we go against the law of the land for vested interests, whether in deed, or in spirit, which eventually does transform into some kind of “dushkarma”, much in the manner in which unscrupulous elements corrupt minds of the Kashmiri youth, by spreading the poison of secessionism disguised as the elixir of revolt.

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Mrinal Pradhan Mrinal Pradhan @mrinalpradhan13

The author is doing his masters in philosophy from the University of Lucknow.

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