Modi's 'raincoat in the bathroom' jibe at Manmohan Singh brought the House down

It was aimed at Singh’s unimpeachable reputation in a scam-ridden UPA-2.

 |  3-minute read |   09-02-2017
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Our prime minister knows how to come up with the perfect sound bites - especially when he is in Parliament, the "temple of democracy". Taking the whole House by storm on February 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh with a sharp throwback to UPA scams.

In a well-packed punch, Modi said, “So many scams and yet his career is spotless. Only Doctor sahab (Manmohan Singh) knows the art of taking a shower with a raincoat on."

The jibe of course was aimed at Singh’s unimpeachable reputation in a scam-ridden Congress. While one may argue that the image is so because Manmohan Singh is a man of integrity, it is also worth considering the sheer improbability of the fact that Singh was unaware of corruption that spawned numerous scams under the UPA.

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Rajya Sabha MPs from the Congress walked out of the House after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a direct attack on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the latter's remarks on demonetisation in his November 24 Parliament address.

While the Congress called Modi arrogant, accusing him of bringing the parliamentary discourse to “the lowest level” and demanding an immediate apology, social media was divided over the "raincoat" rhetoric. 

Some were against this analogy.

Some were rather impressed with Modi’s ability to present such a succinct picture.

And a lot of people were just in it to make a joke.

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