Why is PM Modi silent on Alwar but tweeting grief over Stockholm attack?

DailyBiteApr 08, 2017 | 17:29

Why is PM Modi silent on Alwar but tweeting grief over Stockholm attack?

It's been a week since a group of Muslim dairy farmers from Mewat, Haryana, were mercilessly beaten up in Alwar, Rajasthan, when they were on their way home from the Jaipur Pashu Mela (livestock fair).

Pehlu Khan, 55-year-old, was lynched so badly that he succumbed to the injuries sustained on that Saturday evening by Monday night, breathing his last in a hospital in Alwar.

Even as the country is grieving, shocked though it is over the newfound normality of cow vigilantes inflicting violence on ordinary Indians, particularly Muslim cattle traders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains blissfully unmoved by the tragedies befalling his own countrymen and women.


Yet, he is quick to express grief, we hope sincere, over unforeseen events on foreign shores. PM Modi, for example, wasted no time to tweet his condolence for the Stockholm terror attack which took place on April 7.

However, when it comes to political violence in India, particularly that carried out by "fringe groups" associated with the Sangh Parivar, such as Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Yuva Vahini, among others, PM Modi's silence remains deafening and stubbornly so.


Just like he never expressly condemned the violence in Dadri - the heinous episode in western Uttar Pradesh in which 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death by a lunch mob over beef rumours - it is likely that PM Modi wouldn't come down harshly on the Alwar murder and lynchings. 

It isn't a rhetorical stretch to say that the seeds of cow vigilantism were sown by the top leaders of the BJP and the greater Sangh family when they made cow protection into a clarion call to effect communal polarisation to tear apart the highly volatile and sensitive social fabric of the country. 

We saw it happening during the 2015 Bihar Assembly polls, and before that in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections 2014, where Modi himself spoke of the "pink revolution", which he wanted to stop. 


This strategy of constant electioneering and keeping the communal cauldron burning has resulted in gau rakshaks running amok, targeting Muslims and Dalits with reckless abandon all over the country.

Not just PM Modi, even Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje, who has remained mum on the gruesome and utterly reprehensible Alwar incident, has promptly tweeted grief over Stockholm. 

It is distressing that the disconnected leaders running this country do not know how to and don't think it necessary to stand with their aggrieved and discriminated fellow citizens, while tweeting customary condolences over every foreign tragedy.

In a country where manslaughter is second to religion-directed dogmatic "love" for an animal, even as it is neglected and left to fend for itself in the mushrooming but unkempt gaushalas all around, we have elected representatives who do virtually nothing to douse the communal fires that are burning with ever greater intensity.

Unfortunately, it's hardly statesmanly, dear prime minister. To side with your own people at all times is the true test of being a leader. 

Last updated: April 08, 2017 | 17:29
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