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Can non-resident Indians please shut up?

The diaspora needs its umbilical cord cut to be good citizens of their adoptive countries.

 |  The Cynic  |  3-minute read |   30-11-2015
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Can the people of Indian origin not living in India please shut up? They seem to have an opinion about everything and anything that is happening in and to Mother India. Sitting in the comfort of their Dollar and Pound and Euro ensconced cushiness, they have the temerity to tell Indians in India about what is right and what is wrong. 

These once upon a time Indians are busy fanning the flames of discontent in the country and they need to stop. It is strange mix of nostalgia coupled with a desire to change the so called terrible conditions that they left behind that motivates these foreigners to preach to the poor dumb folks struggling back "home".

Ironically, more often than not most of these people who went in search of greener pastures were not thinkers and philosophers yet they project themselves now as the keepers of Indian culture, history and ethos. Some of them no doubt give back in constructive ways but they are the exceptions, for most of the others it is much easier to get on to social media and let forth their "gyan". 

For possibly decades they concentrated on carving out a legal foreign identity and now they are Indian again? How come Indians have to learn patriotism and the worth and value of India from those who left the country?

Are they more patriotic than Aamir Khan because they were quick witted enough to have fled the country of their birth/ancestors before their wives could ask a random rhetorical question like Kiran did? None of them will give up their western passports to exchange it for the Indian one - why should they when they had to go through such hardship to be rid of it in the first place. 

But now that their future is secure and they have what they wanted to achieve they have become the social media conscience of India. They don't vote, they don't pay taxes but they freely dish out their opinion.

The diaspora needs their umbilical cords cut - just shut up and be good citizens of your adoptive countries. If you have family left over in India - let them speak their own mind and chose as per their own convictions.  

If you are a person of Indian Origin you are still a FOREIGNER and like all foreigners, please don't meddle in the internal affairs of this country. If you are an NRI - I suggest you carry on earning foreign exchange and keeping tabs on your bank books rather than pontificating on how India should yield to majoritarianism.

The true hallmark of a cultured society is - when a numerical minority can proudly and fearless wear its identity on its sleeve and still challenge the hegemony of the majority. Sadly, India is not that place anymore… possibly never was but whether it will be in the future is also in question. And the so called overseas well-wishers, who will never return, are not helping one bit.   


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