'Factions are using tricolour to kill students': Ex-ABVP leader writes to Modi

Pardeep Narwal
Pardeep NarwalFeb 20, 2016 | 19:26

'Factions are using tricolour to kill students': Ex-ABVP leader writes to Modi

Respected sir,

I, Pradeep Narwal, student of JNU, want to bring to your kind notice the issues which are challenging the progressive, democratic and constitutional culture of our country. Sir, I am from Haryana, I was part of ABVP but I quit this organisation recently. The inaction and negligence that led to the death of Rohith Vemula and potraying JNU as anti-national forced me to take this decision.


Sir, in the case of Rohith Vemula, I have strong reservation against the minister of state’s intervention in university matters. I personally feel a university is an independent space and political persons and their opinions should have no space and role in governing university matters.

Sir, it appears that the government is not solving our issues but making these more complex by supporting some sections. Like in Rohith Vemula case, a minister of state supported ABVP.

Sir, I am from rural background. When I joined JNU my mother asked me about this university, I replied to her that JNU is one of the best institutions of India but now she is asking me after these media reports “Is it the same JNU you were telling me?”

I don’t have an answer. Sir, today there are some factions holding flag in the name of nationalism in their hands and crying to kill students without any reasons.

They are crying to kill their own students. Sir, the situation becomes shameful and unfortunate when the fourth estate of the democracy, the media which connects people gets thrashed inside our court premises. When lawyers, whose duty is to defend the democratic structure of the nation, manhandle people in front of courts.


Sir, the most disheartening is the role of police in this whole case. Kanhaiya Kumar who is under trial in court was attacked and assaulted and that too in the presence of police.

Sir, I have many questions in my mind:

What is the duty of the police?

1.    Is it to protect the people of this country or defend a particular ideology?

2.    Are they to help the people of nation or a particular political interest.

Sir, I want to request you to intervene in this issue and ensure proper working of police system without any bias.

Sir, I want you to:

ensure zero political intervention in educational institutes,

ensure respect for every JNU student,


ensure security to every JNU student.

Jai Hind,

Pradeep Narwal,MA History, JNU

(The above letter first appeared here and has been republished with author's permission.)

Last updated: February 20, 2016 | 20:59
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