Art of shredding Pachauri's 'sexual harassment as climate revenge' self-defence

On Twitter, Amba Azaad scathingly exposes the elite male clique diminishing the politics of environmentalism today.

 |  7-minute read |   27-03-2016
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That the disgraced former TERI honcho RK Pachauri would stoop to any level to extricate himself is no breaking news, but a "respectable broadsheet" like the Guardian publishing a hoary fanboy report by none less than its "environment editor" John Vidal to effectively say that the sexual harassment case against Pachauri is a cooked up charge by climate change deniers is a fresh low in international political reportage.

This article by The Guardian's John Vidal once again proves the tentacular reach of the former chief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and his fan club of "white, male greenie dudebros", who see no problem perpetuating the patrirachal and racist power structures while claiming to be fighting for Planet Earth.


Furore on Twitter notwithstanding this thread by Amba Azaad (@AmbaAzaad) exposes every bit of discriminatory prejudice perpetuated in the name of climate activism. Pachauri and his fanclub seems to be not just content but hellbent on ensuring a climate controlled with planetary exclusions absolutely intact. Read the thread till the end for a brilliant perspective on what exactly Pachauri, Vidal and Guardian's decision to publish the piece entails.


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