Modi government betrays Kargil martyr Saurabh Kalia? Twitterati vents ire

DailyBiteJun 01, 2015 | 21:40

Modi government betrays Kargil martyr Saurabh Kalia? Twitterati vents ire

They sent him back to India with his eardrums pierced with hot rods, eyes punctured and removed, most of his teeth and bones broken, and limbs and genitals cut or chopped off.

Capt Saurabh Kalia, of the 4 Jat Regiment, was captured by Pakistani troops along with five other Indian soldiers on May 15, 1999. He was held in captivity and tortured gruesomely, but the brave soldier did not betray his motherland.When their bodies were handed over to India by the Pakistan Army on June 9 the same year, there was nation-wide outrage and cry for justice against the way these prisoners of war were treated in violation to the Geneva Convention on treatment of war prisoners. 16 years from then, the government of the day, the same government that had mouthed muscular rhetoric against Pakistan, has said in Parliament that it is not feasible for India to pursue the matter in the international court of law.

Even after a video, which went viral on YouTube a year ago, of a Pakistani soldier admitting that the 32-year-old Indian Army officer was tortured and killed during the 1999 Kargil war which took place when the Vajpayee-led government was in power, the Modi government has now decided to bury the case saying moving the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Pakistan, a demand made by Kalia's father in Supreme Court, will not be practicable. Even as PM Narendra Modi speaks up on radio for the brave, unsung soldier risking his life and limb at the border, his government has towed the line of the UPA regime on the Kalia issue. Read more.

Here are the top tweets following the Modi governemnt's decision:

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