Attack on Tanzanian woman 'not racist': Outrage on Twitter over Karnataka HM's views

DailyBiteFeb 04, 2016 | 17:14

Attack on Tanzanian woman 'not racist': Outrage on Twitter over Karnataka HM's views

It couldn't get any worse than this.

First, the unimaginably deplorable and unabashedly racist-misogynist assault, stripping and parading naked of a 21-year-old Tanzanian college student by a frenzied vigilante mob in Bangalore.

Now, the regrettable words from Karnataka state home minister G Parameshwara claiming that the assault was "not racist", and "just a response to an accident. Bengaluru doesn't have such kind of attitude"!

The Sunday evening episode, in which the young girl studying in a college in Bangalore was subjected to unfathomable humiliation because she happened to pass by an accident spot involving another African person (a Sudanese man) in which a 35-year-old local female resident was killed, has riled the nation's conscience.

Despite earning national and public censure on both mainstream and social media, it seems that the Bangalore government officials are yet to wake up to their city's racist reality.  In fact, Parameshwara not only denied any race angle, he actively praised the police for quick action, even eyewitnesses claim that the cops just watched as the mob carried out the dreadful assault on the Tanzanian girl, and even beat up a man who tried coming to her rescue. Moreover, the girl's car, a Wagon-R, was set ablaze by the riotous public baying for blood.

Instead of clearly condemning the unpardonable behaviour of his state capital's denizens, the home minister instead went on to shift the blame on African students "who overstay" their visa allowances, and squarely said had the Sudanese man not killed the local woman, the Tanzanian girl  episode wouldn't have occurred.

Evidently, home minister Parameshwara doesn't see any correlation between a frenzied mob attacking and stripping a black woman because another black man has been caught in an accident and the tendency, particularly among Indians, to homogenise and bracket every African person as dark-skinned nuisance makers.

The gross display of insensitivity by both the Bangalore mob and their legislative representatives is a matter of terrible shame. We expect that the Congress top brass takes note of this idiotic display of civic apathy and lack of socio-political empathy among its rank and file.

Last updated: February 04, 2016 | 17:14
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