Teesta Setalvad tries to come clean on the Gulberg Society funds case

The activist claims that Citizens for Justice and Peace is being targeted for its legal fight for the victims of the Gujarat riots.

 |  1-minute read |   17-02-2015
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What is your response to the allegations of embezzlement of funds against you?

We have followed a policy of utmost transparency and accountability. It was only Sabrang trust that raised funds for Gulberg Museum so why has crime branch seized the funds not just Sabrang trust but Citizens for Justice and Peace as well as Javed and my personal accounts? The bank papers were illegally seized by the banks. The entire process of getting our bank statements, credit card statements has been illegal.

Transaction after transaction we have proven that any personal expenditure has been from our personal accounts. Well known auditors Haribhakti and others have done an audit and told the crime branch that nothing was wrong 

Why is Citizens for Justice and Peace being targeted?

It is because of our relentless support of Zakia Jafri and her family that has taken the case of criminal culpability of powerful perpetrators to the ultimate degree. It is because of that case that this kind of singular targeting began to scare us off, to freeze our funds.

This case has been through a very vicious propaganda route, where all sorts of mala fide allegations have been raised against us without any sort of documentary evidence.

You are raising very serious charges against crime branch. Will you pursue these charges?

We will pursue these charges when our personal freedom is guaranteed.

Do you have second thoughts on fighting these cases now that Narendra Modi is the prime minister of the country?

It's tough. Especially if your personal liberty is at stake. Beyond the individual reaction, what people need to understand that it is far more powerful if you take on people legally. 


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