Uri avenged? Indian Army's surgical strikes send Twitter beyond line of no control

While the routine briefings were being announced on live television, the political fraternity sounded a nationalist "Yippie" in unison.

 |  12-minute read |   29-09-2016
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As the joint press conference by Director General of Military Operations, Lt Gen Ranbir singh and ministry of external affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup made the announcement that Indian Army had in fact conducted surgical strikes across the Line of Control on Wednesday late night, based on specific intelligence input of terror groups ready to infiltrate into India and carry out terror attacks, Indian social media, as well as mainstream news outlets, went into overdrive.

For a few days, a possible Special Forces operation had been talked about in WhatsApp groups and a digital publication even had done a piece (which now many say wasn't that "premature") on strikes across the LoC.

Sources said strikes on terror launch pads lasted from 12.30 am to 4.30 and the location was 500 metres-2km across, the soldiers were helidropped and Indian side suffered no casualties.

Indian DGMO said he communicated his concerns to his Pakistan counterpart.

As the press conference went on, Indian news and social media reacted with immediate and expected intoxication.

surgical-strikes-ind_092916033532.jpg DGMO Lt Gen Ranbit Singh with MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup. [Photo: Agencies]

While the routine briefings were being announced on live television, the political fraternity sounded a nationalist "Yippie" in unison.

One of the first to go Bharat Mata ki jai was obviously Arvind Kejriwal.

However, even the Congress wasn't too far behind as it kept aside its differences with the Narendra Modi government and issued a nationalist and suitably patriotic statement.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, whose eerie silence in the wake of Uri attack had got many tongues wagging, put out a "mature" statement.

The clamour to sound more patriotic than thou kept the Congress leaders on their toes, er finger tips.

But obviously, the biggest and the loudest soundbytes were coming, yes, in addition to Times Now and other news channels, from the BJP camp. No less than the BJP national secretary, Amit Shah, "congratulated" Prime Minister Narendra Modi in as many words. [Insert 56-inch chest-thumping after every word, please.]

Notes of denial were sounded from Islamabad, with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif issuing a whiny and quite delusional "condemnation" of India's "unprovoked and naked aggression".

Ditto was said by Pakistan defence minister Khawaja M Asif, and you nod your head in realisation that how similarly are the official statemnets prepared in these two quasi-warring nations.

Good job, Indian Army.

surgical-strikes-ind_092916033551.jpg Surgical strikes by Indian Army across LoC. [Photo: Reuters] 

What's nationalism if not in capslock?

And memes, gifs, graphics?

Musically nationalistic? Yes.

Newsy nationalism.

Nationalism of the future tense, involving stuff that actually happens when surgical strikes, well, go on.

Critical nationalism of the strategic fence-sitting kind, empowered by Google Maps and grey matter.

Connecting-the-dots nationalism.

Oh, ugh, the boring, please-don't-overdo-it, fact-check-before-you-scream, highly suspicious nationalism.

Crossventilating nationalism.

Festive offer nationalism.

Aap ki adalat nationalism.

Blame Manmohan nationalism.

Unmentionable, non-nationalistic, disgustingly clever what-the-hell.

Oh, and here's the complete lowdown on the Indian Army op.


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