[Watch] Was Jayalalithaa Tamil Nadu's answer to Indira Gandhi?

VaasanthiDec 06, 2016 | 17:40

[Watch] Was Jayalalithaa Tamil Nadu's answer to Indira Gandhi?

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Jayalalithaa Jayaram was a tragedy much before her tragic death. Where did the tragedy begin?

When she was two and her father’s body was brought back home and her mother Sandhya forced to start work as an actor to keep the family together financially?

As a young girl sent away to her grandparents in Bangalore to study, or when she was sent back to Chennai, always waiting to catch the attention of her busy mother?


As a 15-year-old bright topper forced by her mother’s emotional blackmail to become an actor, which she had been loath to do? Or as a 16-year-old paired against MGR, 35 years her senior, and shivering, playacting opposite him, pretending it was her “first night” and he her lover?

Or much later, when MGR started controlling her life, telling her what to wear, where to go, and what to spend, when she rebelled and didn’t speak to him for nearly a decade?

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Last updated: December 06, 2016 | 17:40
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