We could see Pulwama coming – and there’s more to follow

Srijana Mitra Das
Srijana Mitra DasFeb 14, 2019 | 19:17

We could see Pulwama coming – and there’s more to follow

Only an idiot — or a collaborator — would not have seen the outrageous Pulwama attack that has claimed multiple CRPF jawans’ lives coming. 

The Pulwama attack: Is this only the beginning? (Source: Reuters)

In fact, the preparation for today’s attack — apparently the worst terror strike in Kashmir over two decades at least — began in right earnest on January 17, with a grenade thrown right inside Srinagar, in the city’s central Rajbagh area, full of homes, offices and media outlets, wounding several police officers. 


The discredit for this cowardliness was claimed by the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). Two more grenade attacks then followed within 48 hours, in Srinagar, in Shopian, spread across the region. 

On February 10 — just four days ago — a grenade was hurled at a CRPF contingent in Srinagar’s Lal Chowk, injuring over 11 people.

The aim was clearly perfected. The target was absolutely evident.

The Srinagar grenade attack was a statement. It should have been read as that. (Source: ANI)

These were no accidental explosions, set off by the usual feeble-minded Kashmiri militants whose idea of a joyful time is to explode whatever they can lay their hands on. This was a clear statement of intent — a series of small dry runs, deadly little dress rehearsals, all with one single aim in mind.

A big strike.

A big attack.

A big outrage.

Today’s Pulwama terrorist assault is exactly that.

And this is only the first.

As the situation in Afghanistan is poised to totally unravel, and as Pakistan plays a deadly game of chance with its homegrown lunatics, ever-itching to cross our border into our Kashmir and play with our lives, India can now expect a series of such craven attacks. Knowing that it cannot take on our extraordinary forces in full-blooded combat, terror groups — full of unwashed, brain-washed dimwits from across the border and within India too — will resort to throwing grenades and quickly running, setting off IEDs and scurrying, and occasionally blowing their own miserable selves up (the Pulwama suicide bomber, reports suggest, was trained in Afghanistan and drove an SUV containing around 200 kg of explosives) to earn the pathetic title of ‘fidayeen’.


This act of cowardliness in Pulwama was claimed by the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). (Source: Twitter)

This is the time when India needs to gather its wits and its heart — not to mention, its military intelligence and resources — with great swiftness and sagacity.

This is also the time when we need to put aside the pettiness of our everyday politics and stand together, as one nation united against the lunacy of the neighbour and their backers.

And this is the time when we need to do all we can to strengthen our armed forces, with the best resources, the sharpest knowledge, the toughest weaponry, rather than lose the plot — perhaps even willingly — in political wind-bagging that only amounts to hot air.

And lost lives.

Indian lives.

Which are invaluable.

Which must be protected.

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