How BJP/RSS has failed to weed out the Wahabi/Saudi combine

Mohan Guruswamy
Mohan GuruswamyDec 22, 2015 | 13:27

How BJP/RSS has failed to weed out the Wahabi/Saudi combine

The first and foremost challenge is the one that faces not only Muslim nations but all Muslims: to unambiguously confront the custodians of the Islamic faith, who have hijacked the narrative of Islam. The second is that in order to decimate the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, the West must shelve their strategic and economic interests in west Asia.

Islamic faith, as it stands now, has been vandalised. The vandals of the faith are the same custodians of the holy places of Islam who ganged up with the fundamentalist Sunni Muslim preacher Abdul Wahhab almost two hundred years ago. Wahhab believed that Islam should be returned to the original principles that were followed by the first three generations of Muslims, and rejected many common practices that the faith had come to include over time.


In India, neither the government nor the leaders of the Muslim community have uttered a word against the Wahabi depredations. I would have thought a BJP/RSS government would have displayed its biases against the Saudi's who finance global terrorism, instead we see them sucking up to an illegitimate family control over a nation and holiest of Muslim shrines. The Saudi and Qatari ruling cliques financed the ISIS in its early days to destabilise the Assad regime in Syria. The USA too was an initial party to this foolishness. We now have a Frankenstein functioning from the destabilised regions of Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Last night I had a long conversation with a university professor from Jammu and Kashmir. He was telling about about the growing tentacles of ISIS in the valley. He was of the opinion that the moderate and hardline separatists will soon be sidelined and the Daesh affiliate will assert itself.

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Last updated: December 22, 2015 | 13:27
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