Why is Pakistan silent about attacks on Muslims in China?

Balbir Punj
Balbir PunjOct 11, 2018 | 13:15

Why is Pakistan silent about attacks on Muslims in China?

Pakistan has ended up as China's vassal state.

The world is full of questions to which no one seems to have answers. It defies all logic as to why Pakistan, a declared Islamic nation, is not only silent about the atrocities committed by the Chinese regime against its own Muslim citizens, but is happily playing second fiddle to China.

Maoist menace

There are still more questions which beg for answers.


The Indian communists actively worked for the creation of a theocratic Pakistan. They supplied Muhammad Ali Jinnah with all the intellectual arguments he needed to justify his demand for an Islamic nation.

With such a divisive record on their report card, the Left has the gumption to define itself as touchstone of Indian ‘secularism’!

After Independence, the communists refused to accept India as a free country. They also rejected the Constitution and waged an armed war against the state of India. It was the indomitable Sardar Patel who put paid to the ‘dream’ of Indian Left to turn democratic India into a communist dictatorship a la Red China and Soviet Union, identified with concentration camps, where millions of dissidents were left to rot and die.

In spite of such a sordid past, the two terms, ‘left’ and ‘liberal’, an oxymoron in reality, are hyphenated in public discourse in India!


mirza_101118010251.jpgPakistani businessman Mirza Imran Baig and his compatriot sit outside the Pakistani embassy waiting for assistance in the cases of their wifes in Beijing, China. (Photo: Reuters)

Maoists (an important component of the Left ‘parivar’) preach and practise violence. They are not only fighting an armed war against the state of India, but are also busy killing and maiming (in the most brutal manner) all those whom they chose to term as ‘class’ enemies. In most cases, their victims are poor tribals or low-paid government servants. They do not allow any development activities (building of roads, bridges, schools or hospital buildings) in their area of influence. And those who extend overt and covert help to such diabolical characters in their evil deeds are termed as ‘human rights activists’ by the media!


Cut back to China.

In this Communist country, out of the 141-crore population, Muslims account for 23 million — about two per cent. They are mostly concentrated in two provinces, namely Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR).

flag_101118010304.jpgPakistan keeps its eyes shut over what is happening to fellow Muslims in China. (Photo: Reuters)

Why is Pak silent?

Media is full of reports of atrocities by the Chinese regime on the hapless Muslims with a view to obliterate their Islamic identity. Over one million Uygur Muslims are locked in horrific‘re-education’ camps, also known as “transformation through education centres.”

Thousands of children who are locked up in these camps with their parents are now sent to orphanages. One can understand Chinese regime’s crackdown on its citizens. It is in line with the communist ideology which has zero respect for human rights and dignity. But why is Pakistan silent on the issue?

Pakistan claims to be a champion of all Islamic causes and justifies its proxy war against India as a part of its ‘divine’ duty to destroy its ‘kafir’ neighbour.

But not only does Pakistan keep its eyes shut over what is happening to fellow Muslims in China, but has also ended up as its vassal state.


Reports say Chinese authorities are also escalating a ‘crackdown’ on Christians. They burn Bibles, shut down churches, and force believers to sign papers denouncing their faith. The authorities have confiscated “illegal promotional materials,” amid a deepening crackdown on China’s ‘underground’ churches.

During the last few decades of Chinese occupation, Tibet has nearly lost its identity. The proud independent nation, known for its unique brand of Buddhism, is now a Chinese colony.

(Courtesy of Mail Today)

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