Why Yogi Adityanath has got down to business in Uttar Pradesh

Shivpujan Jha
Shivpujan JhaMar 23, 2017 | 16:39

Why Yogi Adityanath has got down to business in Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath is turning out to be a hard task master. Though it's too early to make a judgment on his work, the famous saying goes that "morning shows the day". Right after taking oath of office as UP CM, he has got into the act of streamlining the administrative machinery and is keeping officials on their toes.

After the swearing-in, officials were made to pledge swachhta (cleanliness) not just in the external environment but also in the style of functioning. The same brief has been cascaded down to cabinet colleagues, who are then enjoining their respective departments to do the same.


The day begins early for Yogi, who is still lodged in the VVIP guest house in Lucknow, and he is meeting people, holding talks with the top bureaucracy and also police officials.

It does not stop here. The Yogi knows the state has plunged into corruption due to inaction and bureaucratic bottlenecks and would require real effort to break the vicious cycle. He is giving ample signals that he means business and will not leave any stone unturned to ensure rule of law and speedy development in the state.

He deftly chose his cabinet colleagues and took extra care in portfolio distribution, keeping home revenue, housing and urban planning besides food and civil supplies to himself.

On Wednesday, he paid a visit to government offices in Lucknow and asked officers not to chew pan and gutka in the premises (and also eschew use of plastic) after spotting stains of the same.

But beyond these publicity gestures, as many would call them, he has instructed officials to note dates on files with a red pen to keep track of the work done and to expedite the process of clearing of files that have been lying in piles of dust for years.


Cleanliness in offices and in functioning has been attached much priority and the impact of his visit is already visible, with attendance and punctuality improving. On Thursday, Yogi called the DGP and Lucknow SSP for a meeting and went on a surprise visit to the Hazratganj police station.

At the station, the CM examined almost every room. The message he wanted to send was spelt clearly to the officials. The surprise element in Yogi's work is bound to create ripples in the system and fast-track work as well as establish rule of law.

Within hours of his taking oath, a massive crackdown started on illegal slaughterhouses across the state, as was promised in BJP's poll campaign, though the move is being termed as ambiguous by many.

Anti-romeo squads have been formed and a state-wide crackdown has begun on eve-teasers. As many as 23 such teams were constituted in Lucknow itself and a team of five policemen with two female constables have been strategically deployed.

The Yogi has much at stake after the huge mandate he won from the people. The functioning of the state government is bound to impact the general elections of not only 2019 but also other states. Yogi knows he has to deliver and deliver within a short time as expectations run high and patience is thin.


With his day starting early and ending late, the Yogi will have to spell priorities. In the last couple of days, despite action on slaughter houses and women's safety, the intent to bring in investment and generate employment is not visible.

A roadmap will have to be prepared for sustained all-round development of UP as exodus of people for employment in other states is a grim reality.

Another challenge for Yogi would be to dispel fear among the minority community and integrate them to the mainstream of development.

Nevertheless, Yogi is sending out strong signals that he wants work to be fast-tracked. The state machinery needs a major overhaul and at least in the first few days in office, he is making an effort.

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